Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nothing More to Be Learned Since One Can't Be Governed by Superstitions and Omens Are Too Incompletely Informative

After reading about another motherfucking FBI sting of "anarchist" imbeciles set up, funded, encouraged, and supplied with fake weaponry by the FBI; after reading about and watching the mass arrests and orgiastic police brutality against May Day participants; after reading about motherfucking Obama making a surprise campaign stop in Afghanistan to celebrate the one year anniversary of his snuffing of bin Laden; after reading that motherfucking Obama declared yesterday, by presidential decree, Loyalty Day, 2012, I then saw this motherfucking TBogg tweet gleefully retweeted throughout motherfucking Pwoggleville:

Kind of hoping Obama will make a mention of not only killing Osama bin Laden but also Andrew Breitbart just to mess with the wingnuts heads

Hahahahaha, he's so motherfucking funny. That used to be me - please understand my spitting is aimed at me. Hey! Happy Birthday, Hamster!


Lyn Hejinian

I'd attributed entirety to the cattle - self-sufficient
solar calm from which nothing more was to be learned
in a bright place bellied by shade, one hemisphere
with the other implied where they might be twins
so gentle together, nothing more to be learned
since one can't be governed by superstitions
and omens are too incompletely informative


  1. Thanks! It turns out I share a birthday with The Rock and James (Hold the "T") Kirk, among others.

  2. I declare it "Loyalty to Capitals Day".

    You're welcome.

  3. TBogg is hilarious when he makes fun of free Mumia efforts too.

  4. Lines From The Princess Bride That Double As Comments On Freshman Composition Papers

    Substitute freshman poli sci papers. Or sociology papers. Then pick one. I don't give a fuck, they all work.

    Oh, and happy fucking birthday, Hamster. I'd drop by, but I'm a giant sack of virus-laden mucus, and I'm not in the building because I'm mostly laying about in a fetal heap whimpering and begging to be shot. But I'll bet your phallic rock is bigger than J.T. Kirk's.

  5. Who wouldn't be bored with anarchy? They're so terrible at blowing things up, and now I gotta rent a Michael Bay flick.

  6. Is the FBI making terrorists??????


  7. Really? One day? That's all you could manage? Motherfucker.