Friday, June 8, 2012

It's That Etcetera

It's been gorgeous since last Friday's thunderstorms, as good as it gets in DC, Thursday Night Pints sitting outside, the tables surprisingly empty, D buying rounds as is still his debt. There was no such bet last night and no one brought up the particular motherfucker though the general clusterfuck was acknowledged, we're all fucked, et al, tropes of why and how much condensed to birdsong, yadda-yadda, yadda-yadda. Then Hilltop-Hilltop, weather-weather, family-family, keep-keep, seeya-seeya. Next week-next week.


Marianne Boruch

Birdsong, face it, some male machine
gone addled—repeat, repeat—the damage
keeps doing, the world ending then starting,
the first word the last, etc. It's that

etcetera. How to love. Is a wire
just loose? Build an ear for that. Fewer, they say.
So many fewer, by far. He's showing off
to call her back. Or claiming the tree.

Or a complaint—the food around here,
the ants, the moths, the berries. She's making
the nest, or both are. In feathers, in hair or twigs,
in rootlets and tin foil. Shiny bits seen

from a distance, a mistake. But fate
has reasons to dress up. Stupid
and dazzling have a place, a place, a place
though never. She can't sing it.


  1. Bob Welch shouldn't have won the Cy in 1990.

    Adjudicate, adulterate, bicarbonate, carbohydrate (okay, that one's rhythmically off), assimilate, appreciate, corroborate, disintegrate, inseminate, deactivate, humiliate.

  2. Do the words need to begin with vowels?

  3. By all means, irradiate. Accentuate, infatuate, denominate, and prevaricate, if you're so inclined.

  4. Starting w/vowels not necessary. Thanks everybody! And Randal, thanks for The Blizzard!

  5. The worst restaurant meal I've ever was the Applebee's in Greenfield Massachusetts when we were on a New England college tour for Planet.

    You shoulda just gone to the salad bar.

  6. Ejaculate, articulate, pontificate

  7. Yo, homey, defending Kwame Brown? Really? It is to laugh. What's the implication here, that they shouldn't prosecute, that he's clean, that there's something unfair about expecting him to behave because he's somehow less of a motherfucker than some other politician, that unless they're all in the slammer or the poorhouse or the unmarked grave, there ain't no justice? Seriously what the fuck, boyfriend? And don't give me any "just linking" bullshit. Linking is advocacy. No need to sing your Amen, Sister Sasha, I know it's there.

  8. I just think it's funny that he went from number one number one NBA draft pick to busted as DC councilman. Oh, and he's a good bud of a prof bud of mine - link was for him (Hi! ZMJ). I actually haven't been paying attention; that's not true - I *never* pay attention to DC politics. I don't know a thing about it. I couldn't pick him out of a line-up. I did read he wanted to punch Park Mlotkin, so he does get points for that.

    BTW, next time we see each other, ask me for my two encounters w/Park Mlotkin stories (one including the above professor). Need be off-blog.

  9. ejaculate (curses, zencomix beat me to it), eviscerate, evaluate, anticipate, expostulate, emasculate, exterminate, effectuate, extenuate, immaculate (eye rhyme), inviolate (eye rhyme). Non-vowel starting: disaggregate, disintubate, pontificate.

    More if they come to me.

  10. emancipate, attenuate, extrapolate, interpolate, disseminate, regurgitate, exasperate

  11. Exfoliate, Ingratiate, Effeminate (e.r.)