Monday, June 25, 2012

Metros 3, United 2

Sorry, busy Monday to start plus car broke down at 650 this morning in an illegal parking spot near a 711 in Bethesda where I stop to get coffee, $300, two hours, and a new key later I'm drowning busy even more. I do want to say this: the backline sucks so much that St Benny of Olsen feels it necessary to play the fully-engined but horribly suckful Danny Cruz, who sucks sucks sucks sucks in everything but being a filthy defender, jeebusfuck he sucks, that cross in the 30th second notwithstanding. Sucks. McDonald is a dog, Russell is a fossil, Woolard is a stiff, Jakovic is a clown. Get Boskovic his new contract, AND GODDAMN PLAY HIM, MOVE DEROSSARIO TO WITHDRAWN FORWARD, go buy some defenders (not Shevchenko) in the August window, all will be fine.

Here's Fullback (congratulations!), Shatzer, Goff. More about game, about key, later, or not.

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