Monday, September 24, 2012

lets have old fashioned funerals & stand around & forgive & borrow wet handkerchiefs, & sneak out for drinks & help load the guy into the wagon, & feel sad & make a date with the widow & believe we don’t see all of the people sinking into the subways

Missed another United home game last night because I was needed elsewhere because. There is one regular season game left against Columbus the third weekend in October that I'm going to miss to visit Planet in Bamgier, so if United doesn't make the playoffs I won't see another home game until next March/April. I believe United signed a lease through next season for RFK so this nagging thought I might never see United at RFK ever again is just Baal-taunting combined with sleep deprivation and localized aargh. As for the because, we hiked Seneca Greenway yesterday morning, two miles out to that beautifully modest rock over the creek and back and then had a nice lunch with the Oaktons. United was sacrificed for those three hours.


Bob Kaufman

A terror is more certain than all the rare desirable popular songs I
know, than even now when all of my myths have become . . . , & walk
around in black shiny galoshes & carry dirty laundry to & fro, & read
great books & don’t know criminals intimately, & publish fat books of
the month & have wifeys that are lousy in bed & never realize how
bad my writing is because i am poor & symbolize myself.

A certain desirable is more terror to me than all that’s rare. How
come they don’t give an academic award to all the movie stars that
die? they’re still acting, ain’t they? even if they are dead, it should
not be held against them, after all they still have the public on their
side, how would you like to be a dead movie star & have people sit-
ting on your grave?

A rare me is more certain than desirable, that’s all the terror, there
are too many basketball players in this world & too much progress
in the burial industry, lets have old fashioned funerals & stand
around & forgive & borrow wet handkerchiefs, & sneak out for
drinks & help load the guy into the wagon, & feel sad & make a
date with the widow & believe we don’t see all of the people sink-
ing into the subways going to basketball games & designing baby
sitters at Madison Square Garden.

A certain me is desirable, what is so rare as air in a Poem, why can’t
i write a foreign movie like all the other boys my age, I confess to all
the crimes committed during the month of April, but not to save
my own neck, which is adjustable, & telescopes into any size noose,
I’m doing it to save Gertrude Stein’s reputation, who is secretly
flying model airplanes for the underground railroad stern gang of
oz, & is the favorite in all the bouts . . . not officially opened yet
Holland tunnel is the one who writes untrue phone numbers.

A desirable poem is more rare than rare, & terror is certain, who
wants to be a poet & work a twenty four hour shift, they never ask
you first, who wants to listen to the radiator play string quartets all
night. I want to be allowed not to be, suppose a man wants to
swing on the kiddie swings, should people be allowed to stab him
with queer looks & drag him off to bed & its no fun on top of a
lady when her hair is full of shiny little machines & your ass
reflected in that television screen, who wants to be a poet if you
fuck on t.v. & all those cowboys watching.     


  1. Gah, I cannot allow the Dylan aside to pass without mustering a contra. Consider this a contra. Deserves any number of hosannahs. Truly great, game-changingly great, your favorite music would not be anything like the same as without him great. Any argument against is deeply suspect. Should nevertheless not be anywhere near a literary prize.

    Also, sorry your because has been trying. Here's to making it through. Screw Bamgier.

  2. What you say re: Dylan's influence is undoubtedly true, and it's not Motherfucking Doors-level hate and disdain on my part towards Dylan, I just find it uninteresting and repetitive. No doubt this is on me.

    Bamgier claims (Planet said I could call as long as I didn't use my angry voice - and I didn't) that insurance liabilities on such a service are outrageous, especially when compared to the yearly price versus the relative infrequency of the need. I'm less pissed though still a bit shocked. In any case, we found a shuttle service that will pick her up and take her to airport and pick her back up at the airport and take her back to Bamgier.

    The amount of money this is costing is astonishing. I wish I could say I was surprised.

  3. BOB DYLAN & WOODY GUTHRIE epic duet SNL legendado

  4. also thoughts of dylan thomas on my comment there , do look in on that suggest , i was trying to remember the disc that i have when justin now wading mccarthy was here visiting he kept going on about something of bob dylan , it was .. time Out of mind.. in just looking now , i was moved by that one , another put together with daniel lanois and someone or something else .. . , now off for a walk ,to lay by some low ferns similar to the setting of your photo above , calming like pats

  5. Everybody must get stoned, it's ordained from on tablet high or something. The Motherfucking Dylan aside, string quartet numéro 15.

  6. How does the college get responsibility for your daughter's travel home? What puts that responsibility on them?

    My grandfather died in my 1st year at college, 5 hrs @ 75mph from home. It was my responsibility to get me home. Not the college's.


  7. Hi Oxtrot, thanks for you concern! Of course we're financially responsible. I was surprised Bamgier didn't have a service parents could pay for to get kids to an airport for family emergencies from its literally in the middle of nowhere campus, especially since I remember their admissions officer saying they did when a parent asked that question during a parent info-session when we first visited Bamgier two years ago. The nice person in Student Affairs I talked to this morning said that Bamgier abandoned the program over the past year as insurance liabilities became prohibitive.

  8. It's not so much Dylan I can't stand (though I prefer his songs done by other voices) as much as his worshipers. This goes for several others too.

    It sucks to deal with the hassle along with the grieving. Once again, sending thoughts your way and prayers upward.

  9. anne comes in ,trips over prayers upward .. . / seeing randal's companion prunella here ... just made birds for hands' s biscuits fly from her lap she stood up to dance happy .. prunella , another girrrl... .. , one that also does illegal fence leaning , i'm guessing a sneakers with skirt girl as well .. . /shhh pew

  10. No doubt, surely the last person you should read about Bob Dylan is a wanker like Greil Marcus!