Sunday, November 18, 2012

Did You Know Washington DC Has a Professional Soccer Team?

It's true. I've got an extra ticket for today's playoff game (second of two game aggregate, United down two goals after first leg) - Earthgirl and I double-booked Planet, got our times mixed-up, Earthgirl booked first so I've an extra ticket. Need to hear from you by one. Email or call. Game's at four, will meet at gate next to Lot 4 at 3:30. Metro sucks. Leave now.


  1. I regret previous commitments prevent me from accepting your kind invitation. Enjoy the game.

  2. 2013 season will be here in four months, season ticket deposits already in. Would be pleased for you to join us for a game next season. With or without an extra ticket, ticket is on me in exchange for a beverage.