Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Packing for a Transatlantic Box, or Paper for Essays on Schadenfreude, or Timber for Dollhouse Dressers, or a Twenty Baht Note for the Thai Rubber Trade

What, reaction? I am small, it still pleases me too much that 70% of motherfuckng Oklahomans are pissed this morning, I'm so small I'm still going to enjoy too much the schadenfreude over Rush Limbaugh's listeners' anguish, the anger of the asshole cracker four doors down from me who's a dick to my ferals and steals Obama signs from front lawns and is stupid and/or arrogant enough to leave them uncovered in the back of his pick-up. I'm small, it pleases me someone - either - won and won clear cut, that a concession speech was made by one of the fuckers, that this isn't going to recounts and courts. I'm small, it pleases me that loved ones are pleased even if I still maintain that for advancing oligarchy's interest Obama is the best salesman, that the country will be farther right in 2016 for Obama's election than had Romney won on matters economic and imperialistic and police state. I'm small, this was my first election cycle in which I didn't vote my tribal heritage, it gives me no joy they won except for the disappointment of the arch-rivals they beat. I like my side less than once; I still hate the other side the same as always.


Seth Abramson

Come see the woodpile behind the cannery.
Come through the wall
            to where the wood was chopped
and the difficult wood was hewed.
There is a short history of commotion here,
where a sudden bonfire spat its surprise
            at the sky—

a hundred feet or more the shavings swept
through disturbed air, and made their own
music, the music hands make, such a yellow
crackle and such a thrashing

in the morning.
Come wait for the heavy trucks to arrive,
            the men in dusters cutting the twine,
loading the long ghostly planks like ballast
            into iron barges.

This will be packing for a transatlantic box,
or paper for essays on schadenfreude, or timber
for dollhouse dressers, or a twenty baht note
for the Thai rubber trade. These matchsticks

will burn whenever you strike them, and this,
hack at it however you like, is nothing more
than deadwood for the fire. Come see—now
even the men are doing only
                        what they were made to do.


  1. I won't be able to look at my facebook feed for a few days because everyone is smug as hell and acts as if we were saved from total annihilation at the hands of the Russkies.

    Because then I know I'll start complaining about human rights and proxy wars again and no one wants rain on their parade. This must be how people felt when Reagan got re-elected?

    Interestingly enough, even the fundiest of fundies in the periphery of my world have been a bit more "keep calm carry on" than I expected, but I think they're a little less loony as it is since we're not south of Mason-Dixon.

  2. No way on the Rubio unless the GOP is even more moronic than this time. He's a right wing Cuban. The Cubans are dying off and being replaced by Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Central American Hispanics who don't think much of those two-generations-ago Cubans.

    Good on Maryland. And Roscoe is (finally) gone.

  3. See the update above re: Rubio and 2016.

    I think the GOP will do something clumsy and obvious and insulting re: trying to appeal to a demographic its base loathes, Rubio or no, though Rubio? Was just talking to a couple of profs here (both Lefties - full disclosure) who were talking up Rubio because they've Righty colleagues who think Rubio not only wins Latino votes, he wins women because "women think he's hot." Fully tentured fools, one a major campus player, made that pro-Rubio statement.

    1. One of my good friends with whom I share overlapping musical taste and will be Republican til the day he dies, told me that women love Mitt Romney for the same reason. I don't tend to find men in suits hot anyways, but I have yet to meet a woman who finds that man attractive.

    2. The GOP will have to remake itself to do anything other than what they always do. And what they always do is give it to the next one in line. Somehow they have a childlike attachment to Taking Turns. Given that Paul Ryan is the most likely nominee. They might convince themselves that his relative youth is a demographic tsunami.

      That said, they only look two years ahead. We'll see soon whether they decide to double down, cower before the mighty finger of Grover Norquist, and try to elect more members of the White Citizens Party (formerly Tea Baggers) or will freak out and rebel, scurry around trying to find a bunch of winger women to run, etc., etc. I suspect the moderate GOP has about 72 hours to try to lay down their claim before the wingers awaken from their decline, get up off of their fainting couches, and try to swing their mighty threats around.

      Good times.

  4. Link thanks! And nothing wrong with possibly advancing on an own goal in the slop. My snoopy dance is the best. Question Seven may have passed, but what about the Mysterians?

  5. feesh was never dead, he was just resting at the bottom of the bowl.

  6. 2016 will be Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, ore Scott Walker (if he manages to avoid indictment). Bookmark it, commies!

  7. Rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated.