Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Perfect Voter Has a Smile but No Eyes

Elliott Carter died yesterday. He changed the way I listen to music. There will be much here the next few days. As for POTUS and today and tomorrow, I found it tremendously funny and charming that when I went searching for Carter works last night the youtube you might like this too algorithm came up with Mazzy Star which I love love love too, look, here's a screen shot to prove it.


Denise Duhamel

The perfect voter has a smile but no eyes,
maybe not even a nose or hair on his or her toes,
maybe not even a single sperm cell, ovum, little paramecium.
Politics is a slug copulating in a Poughkeepsie garden.
Politics is a grain of rice stuck in the mouth
of a king. I voted for a clump of cells,
anything to believe in, true as rain, sure as red wheat.
I carried my ballots around like smokes, pondered big questions,
resources and need, stars and planets, prehistoric
languages. I sat on Alice's mushroom in Central Park,
smoked longingly in the direction of the mayor's mansion.
Someday I won't politic anymore, my big heart will stop
loving America and I'll leave her as easy as a marriage,
splitting our assets, hoping to get the advantage
before the other side yells: Wow! America,
Vespucci's first name and home of free and brave, Te amo.


  1. I voted a D ticket this morning, save for Jill Stein at the top (never got a nibble on the vote swap offer).

  2. I took your offer. If Obama loses by losing Ohio by one vote it's YOUR FAULT FOR NOT READING MY BLOG THAT DAY! If that happens, the above in all caps replaces Knez of Egoslavia as this shitty blog's subtitle.

  3. I read your shitty blog everyday.

    I thought you were voting for her the entire time, so YOUR OFFER DIDN'T COUNT!

    P.S. The President left a message on my answering machine after I got back.

  4. Fair enough, though still, what if, by one vote....

    Planet said her polling place in Bamgier was almost empty, in and out in five minutes, though Bamgier is tiny (and a tiny blue dot of a precinct in an overwhelming red county). How long were the lines in Franklin County?

  5. It took me longer to vote at Red Cougar High this morning than it's taken in all my previous elections at this address, combined. And that was at mid-morning. Weird.

    Seriously? Obama isn't going to lose by losing Ohio by any number of votes, because the overwhelming probability is that Ohio won't matter to his arithmetic. If it weren't for the fact that it's voter suppression, the Republicans' attempts to suppress Dem voters in Ohio would be laughable.

  6. All Marylanders at work speculate it's Question 7 driving the turnout. All NOVAs here say it's POTUS and Kaine/Allen over there.

    I'm leaving work at three, hope to find a parking spot within three blocks of my house, will vote then.

    No, not seriously, and yes, I'm tired of being told that motherfucking Ohio is the only state that matters even if I love certain Ohioans (who are also tired of being told - and tired of being screamed at like - Ohio is the only state that matters).

  7. I absofuckinglutely agree that it's the ballot questions, though I think there's a significant interest in the DREAM Act and gay marriage questions, too (for good and ill--I think the DREAM Act may go down, which is terrible). But yeah, 7 has been the noisiest one, by far. I'm pretty sure it's going down, too, because I've heard a number of usually level-headed people come to some really weird fucking conclusions about why they should vote against it--conclusions that, if taken at face value, have nothing to do with morality or nannying. But it's also, by far, the question I'd most rather be on the losing side of, except the silly orphans court questions.

  8. Not Question 7. Question 6. With DREAM for a chaser.

    Also. Planet was a presidential virgin and she told her parents about her first time? That's really odd.

  9. The only level-headed arguments I know about Question 7 are against it.

    The only reason I'm going to attempt to vote is for Question 6. POTUS will be blank.

  10. We've talked politics w/Planet for years, plus she knows she can tell us or not tell us anything. I understand not asking anyone not a loved one or good friend how he or she voted (or volunteering to him or her how I voted), but it doesn't seem odd to me at all she told me she voted for Obama (or rather, confirmed she voted how she told us she was going to vote) and why.

    On the other hand, her roommate's parents are rich and powerful and heavily involved with GOP politics in Ohio, so Planet doesn't talk politics with the roommate. I hasten to add that the roommates parents are generous and kind and lovely people. I don't talk politics with them.

  11. It took me half an hour to vote. The line wasn't very long, but it was longer than usual.

    Mostly because all of us in line were in the J-O last name category for i.d. checking.

  12. Seriously Richard. Question 7? How about that it's closer than West Virginia? Isn't that "level-headed?" How about it isn't my business where other people spend their money. Or that I'm sick of the nanny mentality.

    Also. I was teasing about Planet, making a not-so-clever sexual comparison.

  13. I'm voting libertarian for the prez out of protest for the second time in a row tonight and according to my colleagues except for Randal, am evidently a traitor to my gender for being more upset about dead kids in Pakistan and Yemen and the civil liberties of people I disagree with than I am about perceived threats to my uterus.

    People can think what they want, but what I've taken away from this election is how people care way more about the bones thrown to them than what both parties are perpetuating. As a resident of the bluest county in Ohiostan, I might be the Worst Person Ever.

  14. You voted for Gary Johnson instead of Jill Stein, PV?????



    1. Bride of Frankenstein just wants to eventually legally get baked, if.

    2. I love you guys.

      I got a damn provisional ballot thanks to the BOE deciding I don't exist so it didn't end up counting anyway. Not only did I need an ID, but I needed a piece of mail with my current address too. This was such bullshit so I went to the neighbor's house to drink beer and talk about books to de-stress and now I'm ignoring all my old college pals on facebook who are smug as hell.


  15. No Black Panthers in Vermont, plenty of skunks and raccoons. No free damn cell phones either.