Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brains Are Not to Be Wasted

Yes, there was an oil painting and mountain goats (sculptures, not the band, which I don't hate but strongly meh), the artist claimed copyright and demanded the piece be withdrawn. Here's good news - fucking blooger won't allow c/ping this morning, neither alt-c/alt-v crtl-c/ctrl-v or right clicking mouse. Actually, it pastes it so the code can be seen when composing is open to html but it doesn't appear in wysiwyg or when the preview post is viewed. Oh, and I keep getting a pink banner across the top telling me some unspecified error occurred which may or not fuck up the post. Oh, and link button isn't working, so today's links - and dang, they are the best links ever - tomorrow, maybe, I may not have a choice. Fuck this. Have a song, a typed-out poem, a song.

Jl 17 1961

Charles Olson

                   as John Burke

          read the comics

               at the City Council

               table saying

          when you guys have played

          long enough there's no use

          of my wasting my

          time:  brains

          are not to be


OH! I don't think he reads this blog since I pissed him off in a comments squabble over Bradley Manning a year or two ago, but Happy Birthday Elric! Hey! he reads your blog, feel free to post the below over there if you want.


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    1. Typo on my part, but yeah, doesn't work. Rebooted the pc and still. Discovered it doesn't work in Word either, so it may not be blooger, the problems 2 and 3 still are.

  2. what's that one kids n the hall skit where it's like a stand-up comedy routine and they're evil and they prank call people at work?

  3. and I was so looking forward to today's extraordinary links...

    Here's my poem of the day:

    Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho?
    Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho?
    Meka Leka Hi Meka Chany Ho?
    Meka Leka Hi Meka Chany Ho?