Saturday, June 8, 2013

When Good News Arrives by Email, Destroy the Computer

The one of  who asked in person, the four who asked via email, all recent friends and readers who weren't aware of certain Blegsylvanian history, have been answered re: yes, yes I did delete a comment yesterday because hate aimed at me is fine but leave my _________ out of it. Three friends who know Blegsylvanian history emailed to laugh, one dared me to write about this (Brooklyn Pilsner, please), one suggested enabling comment moderation, said this is precisely why he enabled his, and no, not yet, though who knows.

So, a Pere Ubu or Two Pale Boys or Rocket from the Tombs or some David Thomas production song a day for the month of June. This is an executive decision: you don't have a say.


Linh Dinh 

I was a caring husband. I bought socks for my family.

My swarthy wife liked to wear these thick woolen socks that came up to her milky thighs.

I had a lover also. People could see me walking around each evening carrying a walking stick.

My most vivid memory, looking back, is of a pink froth bubbling out of my infant's mouth.

Not everything was going so well: one morning, malnourished soldiers marched down our tiny street, bringing good news.

When good news arrives by mail, the cuckoo sang, tear up the envelope. When good news arrives by e-mail, destroy the computer.

When an old friend came by to reclaim an old wound, I said to my oldest son: Go dump daddy's ammo boxes into the fragrant river.

To reduce drag, some of my neighbors were diving headfirst into a shallow lake.

We were rich and then we were poor. A small dog or maybe a cat now pulls our family wagon.


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  2. just getting a moment to look back now ..and seeing that this may just be something of .. trot , i thought it was about something else ..oh never mind .. . sorry

  3. No apologies needed, anne.... and your comments are always welcome here....

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