Sunday, June 23, 2013

ʍow⊂ɐʇ ᴤ!ɓuɐꞁ ᗄⅽʇ!٨ɐʇөq

My apologies, tomorrow's Terry Riley post tonight is the second blogfart of the week. This time it was motherfucking blooger, the schedule on dashboard says publish this date 2014. THIS is the attention-slutting, blogwhoring, Baal-beseeching Sunday evening post.

This is an activation of the Napoleon and Momcat Emergency System, both beacons and script. Neither has been seen since Tuesday and Wednesday some motherfucking asshole who lives two blocks away neighborhood-listserved that he was going to call the county about two black feral cats and ridding the neighborhood of the vermin. These activations of the Napoleon and Momcat Emergency System have always worked in the past, but I will gut with a grapefruit-spoon the motherfucker if my cats aren't home by Tuesday.