Wednesday, January 1, 2014

If the Gods Implore Him to Hold His Saliva, He Doesn't Hear Them

  • The traditional New Year's Song at this shitty blog.
  • New Year's plagiarism!
  • Today's Maqroll precept: Is it true we forget most of what has happened to us? Isn't it more likely that a portion of the past serves as seed, an unnamed incentive for setting out again toward a destiny we had foolishly abandoned? A crude consolation. Yes, we do forget. And it's just as well.
  • 2013: It was a very bad year.
  • Surveillance is so 2013
  • 2014 predictions
  • 2014.
  • New term: flexian web, as in this is how the Flexians maintain continuity and control of important political and economic nodes in our Upwards Redistribution Nation. One big happy Flexian Family, which does not include us except as units of rent extraction.
  • Don Durito's origins plus a bleggalgaze.
  • Thoughts on a budding literary obsession
  • Brad's 2013 reading list. I c/ped the Ruefle poem below from the post.
  • HEY! Lee Ranaldo's new band:


Mary Ruefle

he spider can barely walk, his legs are so scared –
he’s got to get from the bar of soap to the uppermost
showerstall tile that is his home, and he has suffered
a betrayal so great he’s lost in his own neighborhood,
crawling on his hands and knees, so to speak, in and out
of the shadows of other tiles he’s passed before but
barely recognizes, given his state of shock and disbelief.
Spiders don’t hear very well — he can’t hear the rain
as it falls and cools his flaming legs, the distant screams
of another’s crisis means nothing to him, he can’t hear
his own heartbeat, an alarm casting his skeleton straight
into hell, his blood ignited by the bellows of loss.
If the gods implore him to hold his saliva, he doesn’t
hear them, he goes on crawling toward the one safe spot,
which has become, in his mind, the destination of his life
and this night rolled into one, a wet bag at the bottom
of which, were it to fall, would lie his demise –
too awful to discuss.


  1. The return of Scuba Dog!!!!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Yeah, did a total reboot. It won't surprise you to find I wrote about it. You missed the goat. She'll be back.

      Best wishes to you and yours!

  2. love love love the George song

  3. 0) happy new year

    1) spider poem reminded me of joan osborne's song 'spider web'

    however, from that album i preferred 'pensacola' - it reminded me of a guy i knew whose back story involved coming home from college one day to find his apartment empty - of furniture, tv, wife and baby daughter - much to his surprise - i knew him two decades later, when the daughter contacted him for the first time since then, only to decide, on brief acquaintance, that her mother was right - it was best to have nothing further to do with him - i imagine the song as being the story from the girl's viewpoint - life is full of sorrow, and, in many cases, over too soon

    2) this a.m. i saw a documentary on the history channel about airships - very interesting