Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ridiculous as Things Perched on Buttered Bread

Introducing the new Day Off blogheader. Can't use it today as intended since this post is announcing its creation and intended use, will keep posted until next post because why not. I love doing this blog but not all of the reasons I do it, so there's that. I love doing other things and want to spend some of the considerable time I spend doing this doing those. Probably won't be many days off (for many of the reasons I worry about doing this); no doubt there will be a regular post tomorrow, Saturday at the latest, but when there are days off the above header (or one similar) will display. I recognize this gag is solely for me, one of the reasons I love doing this blog, one of the reasons I don't. Since I'm here posting about not posting, here's Richard's annual book report and Ethan's annual book report and Tom posted some Szymborska (this post's title taken from one of the poems Tom posts) and Szymborska must be posted when found, and a song.

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