Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Found a Weed that Had a Mirror in It and that Mirror Looked in at a Mirror in Me that Had a Weed in It

  • Songs via Bosh and Evan last night.
  • I'm pretty sure I ruined a decent if not close relationship with my Illtophay obamapologist friend last night. I'm not a Green Lanternist: I recognize there are limits to what POTUS can do to affect events, but when I said POTUS always has the microphone and airtime at his disposal, Obama is perfectly within his rights to say, Hey, the 1st Amendment guarantees the rights of free speech and free assembly, hey, motherfucking police, stop being such motherfucking pigs. No, he can't, said the obamapologist. No, I said, he won't, you stupid motherfucker, the motherfucking pigs are doing precisely what motherfucking Obama wants them to do. Pointed out the head-bashing motherfucking cops during Occupy, Obama's silence. The obamapologist started to But... Crackers me, and fuck that, I said. No future dates for coffee or drinks have been scheduled.
  • Gratuitous no doubt - this anger is, after all, at myself - solving nothing, though it was building, though it felt good - felt great! - to blurt, and better the Illtophay obamapologist than an obamapologist friend in real life.
  • Leadership v appeasement.
  • Couldn't find the single Bosh played, here, twelve songs in fourteen minutes, the whole album. 


A.R. Ammons

I found a
that had a

mirror in it
and that

looked in at
a mirror

me that
had a
weed in it.


  1. a girl called johnny-mike scott , "Changed her name when she
    Discovered her choice was to
    Change or to be changed"

  2. i wanted more verse and went looking for someyhing with 'weed' in it, and the first poem i found i really liked was

    Sir Walter Raleigh to His Son

    Three things there be that prosper up apace
    And flourish, whilst they grow asunder far;
    But on a day, they meet all in one place,
    And when they meet, they one another mar.

    And they be these: the wood, the weed, the wag.
    The wood is that which makes the gallow tree;
    The weed is that which strings the hangman's bag;
    The wag, my pretty knave, betokeneth thee.

    Mark well, dear boy, whilst these assemble not,
    Green springs the tree, hemp grows, the wag is wild;
    But when they meet, it makes the timber rot,
    It frets the halter, and it chokes the child.

    Then bless thee, and beware, and let us pray
    We part not with thee at this meeting day.

    some comments -

    1)we see "weed" being used as a synonym for "hemp" four centuries ago - although there is no reference to smoking it

    2) raleigh had two sons that lived beyond early childhood - if we assume this is addressed to his elder son then we can say the boy did not die by the noose - rather, he was killed during an attack on a spanish fort in south america, an attack led by his father

    3)as a result of this attack, which violated a truce between spain and england, the spanish ambassador successfully lobbied for sir walter's suspended death sentence for treason to be reinstated by james i - raleigh was beheaded, his head embalmed and kept in a bag by his widow until her death, when it was reburied with his body

    4) in the beatles song 'i'm so tired', john sings 'i'll have another cigarette, and curse sir walter raleigh, he was such a stupid get' - our friends at wikipedia say this malediction is dirrect at raleigh because of his role in commercializing smoking of tobacco

    5) my mother, a cigarette addict, died of lung cancer in the twentieth century, at the age of 60

    6) one of her sisters, also a cigarette addict, gave up smoking when my mother got ill, and lived another three decades before dying of cancer

  3. the patti smith(johnny) suggest was set off by your listening link lists,/ so much more to my pull apart of the lyrics from .. , but i moved back to ,tried to move back to my work on my desk, but the so much more ..took me back to someth. of saying to someone here out in the street last year when they were talking on patti , i said -any one can buy some leather .., / stop like go'ld/ then i went back to look at what and why you were looking in at the globe and mail here , thoughts of my now hanging out with a stage painting japanese ca. man/ of ishiguro, / and along with thoughts of why saying oscar.. wilde.. to the man that looks like an aging mike scott.., also saying "old england is dying repeat repeat repeat " no time for clarity, i don't know how you all do it ,read at length as you all seem to ../ but a question , what made you post and look in on that write up in the globe ?

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  5. just looking back at what the last comment i made here was as i come in from the rain .. . , clearly was feeling more drown ed .. in my comparative past tensing ,drown wasn't enough .. , not a ..i was going to .. ,but was ,of drowned, in my wog .