Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's So Fucking Self-Indulgent to Think You'll Like This Song

That's Fleabus last night. I'll mention it this once, deliberately on a Saturday, the deadest day of the week in Dead Blegsylvania, and will only post the link in Me and Mine on weekends, but VNTY'SGRVYRD, (update Sunday: nee LRDBGDCK, new post with explanation now up). Of the many reasons, most of them bad, it exists is to force me back to pen and tablet. Hopefully the benefits I stupidly anticipate pen and tablet's return will generate will show up here and elsewhere. I'll never mention it here again until I do. This blog's Theme Song is all my blogs' Theme Song.


  1. I met with someone today (German) who said she writes better away from home, in a notebook. "Notebook" is germanized; "in" is not. The word's use comes by way of turn of the century technology only; likewise "tablet". Most Germans will never know the origin of the word "notebook".

    Also, too, they call the mobile phone a "Handy" (pronounced henndy) and have no idea that marketeers fed this to them because of its association with convenience. So there is an association without any association.

  2. The Unmasked Man! An inspiration for us all.

    1. To be fair to me, I revealed my name within the past couple of years here and my name is at the bottom at the copyright thingee, but yes, might as well claim it.