Saturday, November 15, 2014

(Imminently Amendable)

  1. It is pronounced lard-BOG-deck.
  2. All posts are never dead, are constantly and perpetually editable.
  3. Edits on the same day do not need date updating but any edit of subsequent days need be dated at bottom of post (not the time-stamp).
  4. I have no idea how to archive prior editions of post without choking on an endless feedback loop I daydream of fulfilling so I won't.
  5. This is an attempt at a poem - I will be - be warned - sometimes explaining what I mean when not explaining what I mean, so all attempts this sentence attempts to get into poem I will try to avoid.
  6. This is an attempt to force me back to tablets - all posts MUST begin in tablet.
  7. All posts must be based on a tablet start.
  8. All posts will be anchored by a photo of the tablet start.
  9. Everything here must have started in tablet but not everything in tablet ends up here.
  10. What I do if people start reading this is TBD.
  11. If people do start reading this and want to comment they know where to find me elsewhere.
  12. There will be no stat-counters.
  13. Posts here are transferable elsewhere. Posts elsewhere are not transferable here.
  14. I will keep blogspot in URL and not fuck with paid domain names.
  15. This is not a diary, as in daily.
  16. Rules are amendable. New rules - which is what I love to do best - always.
  17. This is a mine. My name is Jeff Popovich.
  18. It's pronounced lard-BOG-deck.

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