Thursday, December 25, 2014

Announcing the Official Egoslavian Giftmas Song

That Wire is now the Official Egoslavian Giftmas Song. LOUD PLEASE! Thanks everyone for reading, thanks for Kindness. This is true: last night I dreamt I was in the parking lot of a Dollar General in Republic, Pennsylvania watching The Stranglers perform Golden Brown live. When I woke I realized how silly this is: there is no Dollar General in Republic, Pennsylvania, there's no nothing in Republic, Pennsylvania. Or at least there wasn't last time I was there. For you: Giftmas Trolling: Knausgaard: Proust or Poseur? Also too: Infinite Christmas: thirst for annihilation and Greason's Seatings and the airing of grievances and waiting for the sunrise and fewer oiks. Here, this Wire song, without doubt the song posted most often on this shitty blog over it's eleven shitty years.

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