Wednesday, January 7, 2015

[I am never asked to justify my decision to not eat poultry]

I am never asked to justify my decision to not eat poultry
Am asked why I need to justify that decision, asked please don't
Eat chicken or don't, why I do either or both or neither keep to myself
People - a loved one once scolded me yesterday - don't care my reason is unethically aesthetic and
     illogically adroit
Go ahead, please, eat what you want, eat pig
I do not claim superiority much I will not eat a pig
Eat poultry too, chicken turkey vulture goose crow

Twice I walked out into the world today
At no time did willows bow or clouds coagulate formations only possibly held in that 4:30 to 4:31 PM light
The cherry tree's bark does not taste of honey
The back of your neck does taste of salt, thanks
What I mean to say doesn't mean what I say is what I meant to and I never could
No one asks me to justify my poetry no matter how much I beg
This is why I rarely talk about what I will and won't eat
Once chicken turkey vulture goose
Crow still

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