Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mirrors in Which Fires Now Preen

A friend and colleague at work was born in Poland, goes back to visit family at least twice a year, brought me back the above from her recent holiday visit. Click image to enlarge poems, yo.

  • Click here for much more Szymborska.
  • The table of contents in the book are at the end of the book. I asked my friend, she says this is the common practice in Poland.
  • I was going to write about Tablet becoming also notebook, how I am no longer going to keep Tablet for one type of scribbling and a moleskin for another type of scribbing and why I did keep two and why I am no longer (and post a photo of the Triskelion decal that SeatSix lost then found and mailed me that I received yesterday that has now been adhered to Tablet's ass-end), but fuck that.
  • I had collected some aargh, but fuck that.
  • Though this: Our Animal Hell. Fuck humans. I haven't eaten mammals for forty years, ate my last poultry a week ago. Seafood is next. One last sushi binge.
  • Though this: I like this pope.
  • on what there is for things to be
  • New Mark Kozelek (and someone I never heard of)!
  • UPDATE! Steve M notes that the Kozelek is not new, is from 2013. My apologies.
  • I would, however, ask you to scroll down to Blegroll Moribund - look, life!