Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Will Hardly Fill Your Restless Void, or: Theme Song January 7, 2015 9:00 AM EST

Placeholder of sorts. First, theme song be true. Second, I'd never imagined I'd read a Frederick Post editorial that mercilessly mocks a stereotypically stupid and stupidly loud Conservative, but here it is. Third, I fucked up and replied to a Twooterlord, silly fucking me. Fourth, something new at VNTY'SJNKYRD. Fifth, the return of the exhausted monarchy. Sixth, watch this. Seventh, read this. Eighth: someone added me to a twitter list called brightabyss/onto-hack, THANKS, I'm flattered, I think. Ninth, and last: blessed Serendipity, a friend just asked for medicinal music, last night I was listening to Sea and Cake for medicinal music, it fixes things:

Oh, also too:


  1. medicinal music

    healing - todd rundgren - a 20 minute guided meditation - starts rhythmic, goes ethereal, returns to rhythmic

    he made the album this is on as a form of self-therapy after he'd been tied up and held hostage while all his home recording equipment was stolen

    lyrics - and following

  2. the shooting of the blaspheming parisian pornographers reminds me of a several-decades-old bon mot --- "multiculturalism is not eating couscous; multiculturalism is stoning adulteresses"