Monday, April 27, 2015

[With regard to regarding slapped and ready and bleeding]


  1. a) i admire the graphic design

    b)i wonder why it's insinuating knuckle - singular - on the second line


    insinuating knuckles - plural - on the next to last line

    c) as i think about the phrase 'dance naked in false clothing', i can't resist noting that a lot of people these days are walking around naked under their clothes - but more seriously, yesterday i was reading a book by edward f. sylvia - he writes, about himself, 'Despite his worldly successes, his worst fears about himself came true during this spiritual quest. He discovered that he is a fraud!

    Mr. Sylvia wants everyone to reach this same unflattering conclusion about themselves."

    d) also this weekend, i listened to todd rundgren's song "cast the first stone" - perhaps for the first time this century (it came out in the mid-90s)

    1. a) thanks
      b) typo noticed too late to fix
      z) eff me I forgot to turn off comments for these things