Thursday, August 13, 2015

Before Content or Content'sment

  • Above posted to no small extent to get Larry Lessig's mug off the top of the page. Also too.....
  • Answer: people despise Inevitability for the craven shitbag she is.
  • If you are a Democrat and complain about BLM, fuck off, eh? This too was part of my conversation with H (who's Ready for Inevitability). I'm sorry to pick on you H, please, respond here or elsewhere if you think I'm being unfair, but Shut up and get Hillary elected first is not a strategy for BLM, it's a strategy for Hillary.
  • Democrats are this country's conservatives. I used to yodel this all the time, it's one of many yodels I boxed up and stored because duh.
  • The backstroke.
  • Metro sucks.
  • Resurrecting Mayakovsky?
  • Tuesday night was the first time in baseball history since MLB went to 30 teams that home teams went 15-0. Odds? 1 in 32,678.
  • Hey! New Destroyer! Baal, I love Destroyer, who wants to see him at 930 w me this October 5th? I'LL BUY YOUR TICKET!
  • Nobody? Ok.

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  1. i listened to 'dream lover' - i wanted to find out if it was a cover of bobby darin's song

    reading about destroyer i see dan bejar referred to as 'broadway dan'

    i was reminded of 'broadway dave' in this comments column a couple of months ago