Monday, September 14, 2015

Theme Songs Monday September 14, 2015 1330 EDT

Also too: Paris Review this morning tweeted an excerpt from an old interview: “After I write a novel or a story, I miss the characters—I feel sort of bereaved.” —Marilynne Robinson

Fuck you. Bereaved. Shut the fuck up.

Don't know if this will break the reading slump, but right now all I want to do is break this mood.

Also too, bonus Gnod:


  1. >>self-doubt/loathing >"is it me?"-ism>"it's not me">"it's me">"look at me">"I can't". Rinse. Repeat. ;—)

    1. Your symptoms are different but the condition's the same.

      I'm not sure what pissed me off more - and I was looking to get pissed off at ANYTHING other than what was pissing me off - Robinson's quote or that Paris Review thought it good link bait. I confess I've tried Robinson multiple times on urging of reliable friends and it Doors me, and I realize I've read Ishiguro interviews when Ish says something that someone reading the interview who is Doored by Ish reads and shouts STFU, but the arrogance of that Robinson quote double-Doors me.

    2. Adding, the > a > b> c> was gonna come down Tuesday, will leave up now until Wednesday morning.