Sunday, January 31, 2016

This Sonata Love Song

So I bought Flowstate like I knew I would because the tens of thousands of times I have picked up the pen to review a line I just wrote and let go the line I should have been writing and too late it's gone. This is related to the haiku's. Nature/nurture debate me, I can not write free without rules.

Here, the first Flowstate post! I used Flowstate on my iphone. I set the timer for five minutes then just kept drumming the keyboard for six minutes according to the clock on the laptop I'm typing this. It saved! Excellent! and let me email to myself. I.... need to find a way to a keyboard, tapping on iGlass ain't gonna work. Tried bluetoothing my ancient Dell and new iPhone, they see each other but don't talk. I would love a new macbook, a big one, I'm driving this Dell 2001 Matrix into the ground. My iPad is a 1978 square Datsun, red, driving into the ground. Suggestions?


Clark Coolidge

He crackles the air in big fist
because it is turning, the night’s spine
and the fast floor of last year is now the wall of this
Those cracks should be flowers but there is no light
nor lights in the windless binnacle strewn
a slow rate of thought in the broad attention
What is shorn to say and then to leave
awake in the sleep, the pen without its cap
the numbers that will harm if not arrayed
The windows are not blank, the dark not empty
but solid as the mask held loose before
the eyeless active ridden hive
The sounds of the mind entire are
the wind below at the valley floor then a thumping above
as of rocks at work painting the wall
Turn out the lights and think invisibly
stain the turn of time
and hear the year before it’s there


  1. The 1978 square Datsun, red, is great for going to the grocery store, but yeah, you wouldn't want to drive to colorado in one.

  2. I gave Lispector's Hour of the Star a multi-day posting. It's a brilliant place to start (her book, not my post which is on my Book Club page).