Thursday, March 31, 2016

What Started as a Slight Dryness in the Throat Soon Progressed to Desiccated Lips Crinkly as Crepe Paper

  • Cropped and bleached, but yes, the above posted before before the cropping and bleaching.
  • John Abonilox's art. He did send me an email telling me he had posted after a long moribundity so I'd have known of the post anyway, but intentionally or serendipitously to yesterday's post here, this is why I keep the Moribund blog roll - I'd have seen it.
  • I am in conversation with two beloveds over micro potus and Macro Potus. Both have asked that the conversation remain private - and cool, of course. This needs mentioning, however: my anti-Clinton, which is too (more people than these beloveds assert) personal, is based not solely but I believe primarily in my yaddapostasies, long-yodeled here to the point I'll spare me as well as you too much re-yodeling. My anti-Clinton is not pro-Sanders - I will not be crossing the street to vote for Sanders on April 26, nor do I advocate his candidacy. My interest in Sanders is based on my anti-Clintonism, anti-Democratic Partyism, the fuckers, and how Sanders makes Hillaryite Colleagues angry.


Jeffrey Jullich

stepping off the curb onto the right foot, the left foot
following in due time, dragging a heavy weight that goes “thud”
as if falls those few inches
          collective guilt cannot fit inside individualism
          In the cabinet under the bathroom sink, the household
items, bottles and canisters of detergent, Pledge Lemon Trigger,
and, along the inner corners of the cabinet and its edges,—dark
stains, eukaryotic organisms, branched filamentous hyphae
         —screaming and pointing at the crud
          women whose hair was stiffened into “beehives,” as they
were called,—
—canceling out the odor-producing glands under their shaven
armpits by spraying on chasm lice chemicals
          sliding the waist-line down to pierce the gluteus with the
splinter of a hypodermic
          The dishes sparkle, they literally glitter and throw off
incandescent particles
          barely able to eat, no appetite, not taste buds
          the food stays fresh for months and, even after over a year,
is still crunchy when chewed
          holding a clean handkerchief over nose and mouth
          eyes irritated with a burny carbolic sensation
          irrigate the sunken cheeks, the sandpaper lips
          tongue blindly groping upward to lap at the moisture of tears
          droplets of a fluid dispensed from small milky-plastic
bottles only a couple of inches in height might reduce the
discomfort,—later tossing the expired bottle into a wastebasket,
the fumes distorting whatever’s seen through the vapors, like a road
on a hot summer day
          What started as a slight dryness in the throat soon
progressed to desiccated lips crinkly as crepe paper
          it’s perfectly natural to ignore a faint aftertaste
          it involved no joke saying “Does this taste funny to you?,”
very dour look on their faces, to the extent that the word “faces”
still applies
          plants other than the desired plant life are ripped from the
ground wearing a thick glove
          The gardener finished with his chores, and went around
to the back of the shed to hose himself down with a garden hose,
bare-chested, rubbing his hand over his glistening pectoral muscles,
the nozzle—


  1. I'll admit to being one of the beloveds, and I just wanted to say that I was really hoping that the title was from some pometry about Bernie Sanders. I'll put my grave disappointment aside, though and note that politics is, in the context of this particular unconditional love, entirely irrelevant to anything that transpires in this movie.

  2. 1)i did click on and read the article about the birth of the democratic leadership council

    2}mongo, at the moment recently posted his favorite joke (a duck asking a grocer if he has any duck food - the details of the narrative are excellent, and the drawing is wonderful - see

    i bring up the joke because i was disappointed that you expressed an intention not to vote for bernie sanders in the primary in our fair state, and in thinking about the matter i thought of another version of what i might call my favorite joke - not because it's funny, most of the time, although it can be once in a while, but because it is thought provoking:

    q. how's bernie sanders as a presidential candidate?
    a. compared to what?

    3)and once again, i think of what might be my funniest favorite joke - the harvard law of behavior - under carefully controlled experimental conditions, the organism does what it damn well pleases

    4)humor in a popular song - well, "for the benefit of mr kite" comes to mind - "ten somersets he'll undertake on solid ground"

    5)i smiled when i read the following:

    an article asserting that finland has the best schools says:

    Unlike in the United States, where many schools are slashing recess, schoolchildren in Finland have a mandatory 15-minute outdoor free-play break every hour of every day. Fresh air, nature and regular physical activity breaks are considered engines of learning. According to one Finnish maxim, “There is no bad weather. Only inadequate clothing.

    1. (2a) Thanx.

      (2b) I like Bernie's rhetoric, but he won't become the candidate of the DNC. It will be Hillary, the Business-As-Usual, stiff as a waterboard in public, the Faux Friend of the People. I'd be all right with a Bernie Presidency -- but the idea of Hillary and Oily Billy back in Der Weissen Haus frightens me, because **she claims to be a thing when she is in fact some other Thing**, and deep in our guts we all of us know it.

      I don't want Trumpo; his election to Leader is not impossible, just not likely. To rapturously want Hillary as the Inevitable Fate of Murrika is to engage in Cognitive Dissonance on a scale so huge as to be incomprehensible. So I make a stiff little bow towards the Knez, and agree -- not crossing the street to vote for Bernie = 'anti-Clintonism, anti-Democratic Partyism, the fuckers, and how Sanders makes Hillaryite Colleagues angry'.

      (BTW, That last point? 100% true. Drives 'em batshit, ape man, 2001-space-Oddity-thigh-bone-club crazy -- and in their wound-up state, when you begin to smell the bearings burning out, and you use pthe ... puts 'em right over the edge. Hee hee hee hee. Classique.)

    2. my own anti-clintonism is based on her record of mass murder, as well as being a leading member of the MICFiC (a conspiracy to use, abuse and confuse the people, or one could say to milk, shear, and slaughter the sheeple - unlike the other two verbs in the latter phrase, "slaughter" is NOT metaphorical)

      you guys are missing the chance of a lifetime to get with the program, man - i tell you, i've never been happier as a citizen than right now, now that i have at last become a leftist and a progressive with the credit card receipts to prove it

    3. Mass murder; yes. I was very upset when she took out that bus full of people outside Cleveland, barking with laughter -- or, was that outside Peshwar? One forgets; one just wants to make one's Truk and home and credit card payments.

      And if Hillary wants to burn down an orphanage or sell your children off for medical experimentation -- well, she's a very smart person and may know what she's doing.

      The program I'm with these days is a home mini-marathon of the original "True Detective" series with Harrelson and McConaghie.