Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dog Shit (Past Catalog or Assimilation)

Home. We pull up from airport. Our neighbors left us a welcome home present.

Also, Olive, who will be one year old two weeks from today (she shares a birthday with someone in the house), lost her gray spot. We're keeping her anyway.

  • Though I don't think of this blog as political first - cats, music, poetry, books, links, me me me - and it is a POTUS, a good episode, in fact - and though I can't seem to stop myself - I do want to stop beating you and me over the head with the Clinton is neoliberal fuck incarnate duh, cause you know Clinton is neoliberal fuck incarnate and know there is no option but neoliberal fucks incarnate.
  • Maggie's weekly links.
  • The noselessness of man.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links.
  • Hemon's zombies. This is the review that prompted me to download and read Hemon's novel, finished yesterday at 30K feet. I'd laugh out loud, Earthgirl would say, What? I'd nod at the iPad. But this: for an (extremely funny) allegory on America's blind omnipotent ignorance fueled by a blind omnipotent belief in it's noble innocence and the resulting consequences as it thumps about the world, kaboom.
  • Via Dan's Vocal Fry:


A.R. Ammons

You'll rejoice at how many kinds of shit there are:
gosling shit (which J.
 Williams said something
was as green as), fish shit (the generality), trout

shit, rainbow trout shit (for the nice), mullet shit,
sand dab shit, casual sloth shit, elephant shit
(awesome as process or payload), wildebeest shit,

horse shit (a favorite), caterpillar shit (so many dark
kinds, neatly pelleted as mint seed), baby rhinoceros
shit, splashy jaybird shit, mockingbird shit

(dive-bombed with the aim of song), robin shit that
oozes white down lawnchairs or down roots under roosts,
chicken shit and chicken mite shit, pelican shit, gannet

shit (wholesome guano), fly shit (periodic), cockatoo
shit, dog shit (past catalog or assimilation),
cricket shit, elk (high plains) shit, and

tiny scribbled little shrew shit, whale shit (what
a sight, deep assumption), mandril shit (blazing
blast off), weasel shit (wiles' waste), gazelle shit,

magpie shit (total protein), tiger shit (too acid
to contemplate), moral eel and manta ray shit, eerie
shark shit, earthworm shit (a soilure), crab shit,

wolf shit upon the germicidal ice, snake shit, giraffe
shit that accelerates, secretary bird shit, turtle
shit suspension invites, remora shit slightly in

advance of the shark shit, hornet shit (difficult to
assess), camel shit that slaps the ghastly dry
siliceous, frog shit, beetle shit, bat shit (the

marmoreal), contemptible cat shit, penguin shit,
hermit crab shit, prairie hen shit, cougar shit, eagle
shit (high totem stuff), buffalo shit (hardly less

lofty), otter shit, beaver shit (from the animal of
alluvial dreams)—a vast ordure is a broken down
cloaca—macaw shit, alligator shit (that floats the Nile

along), louse shit, macaque, koala, and coati shit,
antelope shit, chuck-will's-widow shit, alpaca shit
(very high stuff), gooney bird shit, chigger shit, bull

shit (the classic), caribou shit, rasbora, python, and
razorbill shit, scorpion shit, man shit, laswing
fly larva shit, chipmunk shit, other-worldly wallaby

shit, gopher shit (or broke), platypus shit, aardvark
shit, spider shit, kangaroo and peccary shit, guanaco
shit, dolphin shit, aphid shit, baboon shit (that leopards

induce), albatross shit, red-headed woodpecker (nine
inches long) shit, tern shit, hedgehog shit, panda shit,
seahorse shit, and the shit of the wasteful gallinule.


  1. And of course there is the ever popular 'no shit' shit, and the 'shit out of luck' shit. Also let us not forget the 'don't give me that shit' shit. Some may even ask, what is this shit?

    1. arranging shit in sequential order

      there's the well-known bs, ms, phd - bullshit, more shit, piled higher and deeper

      [my personal cv differs just a bit - sb, ma, phd]

      fritz perls of gestalt therapy had 3 ordinal categories - chickenshit, bullshit, elephant shit