Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vacation End

To airport in an hour. I am ready to be home - I miss Planet. Lots. I miss Fleabus, I miss Napoleon. Planet sent me daily Napoleon sighting updates, I didn't need activate the NEAS from Maine. I miss my house. I don't miss my neighbors, the effing U-Turn on 355 three times a day to get into my neighborhood, DC heat and humidity (heat index 115 when we land), work. Fuck work.

I will miss hiking daily - we did, by Earthgirl's calculation, fourteen mountains, by my calculation seventy-four miles, most of it straight up or straight down. I will miss the straight up (I am good at straight up), I will miss growing to like the straight down, rungs, ladders, four foot granite slides on my ass. Hiking is a skill, sometimes - I'm better now than I was two weeks ago. I hope to not lose it in the less rugged green tunnels of near home. I hope to not miss getting my ass in shape though - fuck work - hiking daily is over. I miss hiking in green tunnels near home, but I'll miss hiking in not green tunnels. I'll miss this cottage (we've reserved it for the last week of July next year). I won't miss the same three roads we drive everyday to trailheads, the local cops speed-trapping. I'll miss the loons screaming at three in the morning. I'll miss reading from six until nine at night. I won't miss reading on the iPad. I'll miss this view from the dining room table out the window in the morning, right now.

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  1. We got back from a week in Kittery, ME yesterday. Mosquito and Black Fly hell!! But, we ate the shite out of some seafoods!