Sunday, October 30, 2016

Then He Asks for a Special Lotion

Fuck that, here's What's important in Parkwood (via the neighborhood listserv) after just now completion of three-year 355-Cedar Lane intersection reconstruction:

So let’s review:

Leaving Parkwood area:

1.       Saul at Connecticut:  No turn on red to go towards the Beltway and vehicles turning left (north) or going straight probably are blocking you anyway.
2.       Beach at Connecticut:  Those turning right are blocked by those going straight.
3.       Cedar at 355:  Millions of dollars later, those turning right are still blocked by those going straight (are you kidding me!)
4.       Grosvenor and Beach:  A nightmare that a little ingenuity could easily fix.
5.       Parkwood at Knowles:  Gamble your life trying to turn left towards Beach Drive

Getting to Parkwood:

1.       Have to make a usually backed-up U-turn on southbound 355 to northbound 355 to get to Beach Drive when coming from Grosvenor, the Beltway, or the 270 Spur.
2.       Coming down Strathmore to Knowles and then Parkwood Drive, cars turning left (north) on Beach Drive block your path to go straight over Beach Drive.  Then cars turning left onto West Howard block your path to get up to turn right onto Parkwood.  Result, congestion all the way up to Garrett Park.  Oh by the way, if the double yellow lines were painted in the appropriate spots on both sides of Beach and the lane widened on Knowles across from West Howard (where this is plenty of land), this too could easily be fixed.

This is really unacceptable, and traffic engineers need to look at all the intersections in the area to truly recognize the whole problem.


Resident of the Forgotten Community

The ingenuity he's talking about re: Leaving Parkwood #4 is cutting down a historic oak tree 298 years old. That Metro squeal we hear on each train is the swerve around the tree that cost extra $ to build. And while I get in and out of my neighborhood just fine, describing how to get here to someone who's never been sucks. Getting them out of neighborhood sucks too. It's hard to get to so it's not a cut-through. We knew all this when we bought the house. It's one of the reasons we bought here.

  • Now ▲ Egoslavian Theme Song #8.
  • My first take was why would anyone leave a digital fingerprint on a Weiner device. 
  • She says she didn't. Or course she does. It would be incredibly stupid of her to read her email on anyone's device but her own.
  • My second take was thinking once upon a time I'd default to this a partisan hit meant to save the House, maybe the Senate, and help down ticket Republicans by jolting those voters who need a jolt to go vote.
  • My third take: I've not searched out takes on Comey's motives but I've not seen anyone speculate Comey found himself faced with two shitty options, chose (wisely or not) the one he thought most honorable. I'm not saying this is the case, just that it's possible.
  • My fourth take: Fighting when flight no longer possible is desperation, not bravery.
  • My fifth take: Also too ▲ wouldn't these emails being innocent do what not innocent emails couldn't be deserved irony?
  • My sixth take: This isn't a Comey shoot it's a Comey work. Least likely.
  • My seventh take: Nothing has changed.
  • Egoslavian Theme Songs ▼#7.


Frank Stanford

When a man knows another man
Is looking for him
He doesn’t hide.

He doesn’t wait
To spend another night
With his wife
Or put his children to sleep.

He puts on a clean shirt and a dark suit
And goes to the barber shop
To let another man shave him.

He shuts his eyes
Remembers himself as a boy
Lying naked on a rock by the water.

Then he asks for the special lotion.
The old men line up by the chair
And the barber pours a little
In each of their hands.


  1. speaking of emails

    Briefly, it seems Podesta received an email "You need to change your password", asked for professional advice from his staff if it was legit, was told "Yes, you DO need to change your password", but then clicked on the link in the original email, which was sent him with malicious intent, as he suspected at first and then was inappropriately reassured about - rather than on the link sent him by the IT staffer. Result - the "phishing" email got his password info, and the world now gets to see all his emails.

  2. speaking of huma and hillary -

    Personally, my hope is that Huma and HRC will be pardoned for all their crimes, by Obama, before he leaves office. Then I hope that Huma's divorce will go through, and that once Hillary is sworn in she will at last be courageous enough to divorce Bill (who actually performed the Huma-Anthony Weiner nuptials - you don't have to make these things up). Then it could happen that the first same-sex marriage will be performed in the White House, probably by the minister of DC's Foundry United Methodist Church, which has a policy of LBGQT equality. Or maybe Hillary, cautious and middle-of-the-road as usual, will go to Foundry UMC sanctuary for the ceremony, recognizing that some Americans' sensibilities would be offended by having the rite in the White House.

    As Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan wrote, "Love is all there is, it makes the world go round, love and only love, it can't be denied. No matter what you think about it, you just can't live without it, take a tip from one who's tried."

  3. (1.) John Podesta = Stupidhead. Being now part of the Broader IT Community in corporate America (which lives in fear of The Data Breach), Podesta's actions described above by MC are what every cybersecurity professional cautions people about: (Are you even listening to me?? Do not do this!!). Even when you think you know where a link in an email will take you and what it will do, you don't. And, because Podesta's exchange was captured along with all his other emails, we have a fair idea why we're able to read them all, now. Hey -- nice one, John (Stupidhead).

    (2.) Again, this is High Theater -- nothing more, nothing less. Unless HC and HA actually appear to have violated a Federal statute (and to what degree), the Attorney General will evaluate the evidence and make the call. And, unless Hillary was running a multi-ton drug-smuggling ring or passing State Secrets, None Of This Matters To The Outcome Of The Election, which is already decided. No one in Our Mainstream Media seems to get this, or will admit it, because to do so would, uh -- you know. (Wink, wink)

    (3.) Among Podesta's emails was one where he complains that his request in this year (apparently, he's done it in previous years as well) for information about contact between the U.S. Government and Extraterrestrials was also not responded to (who he'd made the request to, exactly, was not mentioned). All righty then.

    1. the probable existence of extraterrestrial sentient beings is one of the thoughts i use to comfort myself when i reflect pessimistically on the future of our species and our planet - even if this experiment ends badly, as it very well might, there are lots of other opportunities across the universe for the cycle of life to get it approximately right

      across the universe
      rufus wainwright