Monday, October 31, 2016

Can the Dog Repair the Master?

Sunday post, because I like it. Last night's poem ▲. Or at least first six syllables.

This Guided by Voices song ▼ is Egoslavian Theme Song 3 (see Sunday post for 5, 6, 7, & 8). Robert Pollard is 59 today. Lots of songs HERE. GbV/Pollard projects innermost circle of my rotationals in My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game. The best one minute song ever below the Carson.

Poem is from one of the 22 chapbooks - this one is Good Dog I, II, and III - in Anne Carson's new collection Float. It's holyfuck so far, but I'm stupid for Carson. Click, yo.


  1. through a series of aleatory actions i came across this poem this morning, which i posted in the comments column here a couple of years ago

    Right Conduct, by James Tate

    A boy and a girl were playing together
    when they spotted a woodchuck and started
    chasing it. The woodchuck's burrow was at
    the edge of the forest and it safely dis-
    appeared into it, but the children did not
    see this and kept running into the forest.
    In no time at all they realized that they
    were lost and they sat down and began to cry.
    After a while, a man appeared and this fright-
    ened them all the more. They had been warned
    a thousand times never to talk to strangers.
    He assured them that he would not hurt them
    and that, in fact, he would lead them back
    to their home. They agreed to walk with him,
    but when he tried to make conversation they
    would not reply. "You act like you're prisoners
    of war," he said. "Not much fun for me, but
    I guess that's good. When I was a kid my
    mother also told me never to talk to strangers.
    But I did anyway, because that's how you learn
    stuff. I always thought the stuff my ma and
    pa tried to teach me was boring. But from
    strangers you could learn the secret stuff,
    like how to break into a locked door or how
    to tame a wild stallion, stuff you could use
    in life." It made sense what he was saying,
    but the kids were sworn to silence, a brain-
    washed silence in a shrunken world from which
    they could already faintly hear their mother
    scolding them.

  2. Can The Dog? Hmmmm. That's a good one. I could chew on that.

    1. Was aimed at me - the DG in BLCKDGRD, folks can vouch - but any insight you provide will be most appreciated.

    2. Oh, I didn't think it was me -- just riding a ways on the Dog theme.

      Speaking of which, check out Laurie Anderson's Heart Of A Dog. All the real insight is in there.