Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rhyme *Angst* with *Spanks*?

Beets, I said to my Hillaryite Friend. Pickled beets, Hungarian gagh. By itself, in salads, lordy on pizza, put in on about halfway though bake-time. Make sure you drink the brine. HF said, drink the brine. Yes! I said, especially with at least ten baked asparagus spears. Why, HF asked. No reason, I said, it's good. HF had brought me some Stayman apples last week, I bought these beets at farmers market, here, thanks for the apples. I eat beets breakfast lunch dinner and in-between meals, my piss is always red. I love them this much of course you'll love them too - like the music I listen to, the poetry I thrust them at you. HF tried a forkful. It didn't change her life but HF ate and liked.


Anne Carson

How everyone thinks him a happy-go-lucky guy.
True and not true, don't give the ending away.
Rhyme angst with spanks?
Bit of a buzz on the old loins yet.

  • Last gasp of the American Dream.
  • What if it's not Putin but Thiel who's five-fingering the Trump puppet, Prof X said to me earlier, I said to HF. HF said, my partner talks about whack billionaires out of science fiction novels who will drink every last drop of blood from every organism in the universe to achieve immortality. HF ate more beets. I said, at no point have I ever thought that whack billionaires won't be the death of me.
  • Some fun facts for a dystopic future.
  • HF said, I have not seen one opinion piece on what happens to Democratic Party if HRC loses. I said, there has not been a Plan B since 1992. And now that Democrats have their Comey Dolchstoßlegende, there still won't be.
  • Barrel bomb.
  • How we became irrational.
  • But - -  anyone an opinion on Prof X's thesis?
  • How low can political journalism go?
  • Letter from Louisiana.
  • Swimming with the robotic fish.
  • Repeat: How America is Run.
  • Repeat: 2016 - Liberal Odyssey.
  • Time bandits.
  • The Takoma Park radio station sent an email yesterday: Hello and happy November. This Friday 4-6:30 pm, we're hosting an Open Studio. There are five spots available, so sign up if you would like to learn to work the board, play some tunes, and get on the microphone. Come anytime within that time frame. First come, first served! RSVP here (no emails, please): a link. Email arrived in inbox at 2:58 PM, I didn't see it until 3:45, I clicked the link and


Anne Carson

Deduct the corpse of Helen from the corpse of war (net).
"Victory" (adjusted gross). "Virtue" (attach schedule E).
Under penalty of perjury I declare that I have examined this cigar
and to the best of my knowledge and belief according to accompanying
       statements and schedules
it is not a cigar.