Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Some People Continue to Hear a Voice Calling Out

  • Reading Mark Greif's Against Everything. ▲ is the last two paragraphs on the essay "On Food." Being reminded what a fucking tool I am, what stupid animals humans are, seems a responsible obligation right now.
  • Earthgirl and I are talking lifestyle choices now, post-retirement choices in the hopefully not distant future. Good to be smacked around a bit about my relationship with power and capital while I'm daydreaming of changing my relationship with power and capital.
  • Swallowed.
  • 2016: a Liberal Odyssey.
  • The Podesta emails: how America is run.
  • We hiked this past Friday and Sunday and drove to Red Maryland and Red Virginia and saw very few - as in less than five combined. Saw no Clinton signs Friday and Sunday. Saturday, for that matter, in Blue Maryland. I started looking for bumperstickers Saturday, saw more Romney/Ryan than Trump stickers (2-1), saw more Obama/Biden stickers than Clinton (25-1). Not saying I know what this signifies, but it signifies something.
  • Might be nothing more than people not wanting their yard and house vandalized and car keyed.
  • Just received phishing at work: Be advised of our non-solicitation policies that require employees to refrain from activities including passing out political literature during work hours, excluding breaks. We have established a neutral dress code that prohibits the wearing of buttons, badges, or other political dresses. Those who are not in compliance with our policies will be disciplined if the conduct creates a disruption in our workplace. To record your acknowledgment, visit the portal. All employers are required to sign this document by COB. Not me, but oopsies around the Library.
  • Anger and mourning on the American Right.
  • He shot himself while handcuffed behind the back while in a police car.
  • I urge you to do yourself a Kind and order Carson's Float. It hurts good too.
  • FLOTUS reviewed - mine came yesterday in the mail! Some is love (I love▼it hurts!), some will be love, some will never be love, and all's cool.
  • Made me listen to HeCTA.


Anne Carson

Some people continue to hear a voice calling out.
But to address God is a violent act.
Use slashes. Use them without
restraint. But neatly.
God swung her/ his/ their/ God's legs
over the side of the girder. Holding
herself/ himself/ themself/ Godself

by the fingertips,
she/ he/ they/ God lowered
both legs
till her/ his/ their/ God's body hung free.
We/ You/ They/ I screamed from below.
God let go and dropped.


  1. 1)maybe i'm too literal-minded - i want a sonnet to be a sonnet

    2)with regard to lifestyle choices in the semi-predictable future, however long that is, i liked the realism of

    Thriving Beyond Midlife
    Paperback – 2006
    by E. Craig MacBean, Henry C. Simmons

  2. isn't there something a bit circular about living longer for the purpose of living longer, as greif seems to me to be saying?

    my 19th century cousin longfellow's poem on the topic has been posted here before - see

    but what about the message of the song "nature boy"

    "the greatest thing you'll ever learn
    is just to love and be loved in return"

    nat king cole's version, with lyrics