Saturday, December 3, 2016

These Fishbone Days, This Fatty Grief

  • Because the last consideration when I make a snap decision fifteen seconds into the first time I hear a song I'm going to love it forever are the lyrics. I give it an 84 of 85, Dick, it's got a beat and it's easy to dance to.

  • Also too: I've got a vacuum cleaner in my head. It sucks up everything I know.
  • This is related to the Kate Bush thing from yesterday's post, sorta, or at least started from there. 
  • Szymborska poem for Aleppo.
  • The myth of the Rust Belt revolt.
  • So yes, we're (colleagues, friends, Loved Ones) gonna yell at each other still. 
  • It's a knot, it sucks. I'm yelled at I didn't recognize the danger of a Trump presidency, I yell you didn't recognize the danger of a Clinton candidacy. 
  • Bauman: What I believe we are currently witnessing is a thorough re-hashing of allegedly untouchable principles of „democracy.“ There is, for instance, a distinct possibility of the traditional safeguards (such as Montesquieu’s division of power into three autonomous – legislative, executive and judiciary – sectors, or the British „checks and balances“ system) falling out of public favour and being stripped of significance, replaced explicitly or matter-of-factly by condensation of power within an authoritarian or even dictatorial model. The cases you’ve named are some of the multiplying symptoms of a tendency to – so to speak – bring power from the nebulous elitist heights where it has been placed or has drifted „closer to home“: into a direct communication between the strong (wo)man at the top and the aggregate of their supporters/subjects, equipped with „social websites“ as media for indoctrination/opinion surveys
  • Tweet storm worth your while.
  • Death and Taxes.
  • Mad Dog.
  • I confess Stephen Dixon has never sung to me (I blame me) but if he ever sang to you here's Dan's review of Dixon's new short stories.
  • David Thomas interview, found yesterday: There’s no such thing as culture. Culture doesn’t exist. It’s a hoax. it’s a damn hoax. Every bit of progress of human kind in the arts, science, technology, or politics or anything you want to break it down to has come from loners. If cancer is ever cured, it’ll come from some ridiculed loner working in his basement, people laughing at him. Sometimes loners run into other loners and sparks happen and the loners get together and they make something happen. Those things are always volatile. There are people who talk about the Cleveland scene we came out of and it was brutally volatile because it was made up of loners. You ask ‘how can loners work together?’ Well, baseball is a perfect example. Baseball is the beautiful game that pits one team of loners against another team of loners. Baseball at its root is an individual competition at each stage. The batter versus the pitch. The fielder versus the hit ball and on and on. It’s not that loners don’t cooperate or can’t cooperate, but they only cooperate on their own terms. Name one accomplishment that has come from corporatism. Nothing. Nothing in the entire history of humanity. Nothing. It’s loners. And we’re the king of the loners. [laughs]
  • See yesterday's post title, chosen before seeing ▲. Serendipity be Blessed. 
  • I'm not a loner, Dottie.
  • For the record, the Ray Gun Suitcase, Pennsylvania, St Arkansas trilogy he mentions? My favorite Ubu.
  • I do know the lyrics. Though it was the last thing I considered.
  • From Ray Gun Suitcase, BLCKDGRD Theme Song 2:


Jenny Xie

A misfortune can swell
for a long, long time in the mind.
While goodness shrinks
down to a hard shell.
I reach for the hammer,
but it doesn't crack.
Evolutionarily, it makes sense.
These fishbone days, this fatty grief. 


  1. Anyone who thinks culture doesn't exist isn't thinking straight.

  2. Rehashing of untouchable principles of democracy ("Two eggs scrambled; side of Sacred Cow Hash")? No culture? Tweeters? Loners? The revenge of the Underclass? Forty-eight days and 'a wake-up'?

    Meanwhile war war war. Children versus the barrel bombs; heartbreak. And, Matt Stoller: Until we can recognize that it is concentrated financial power - monopoly - extending power over all of us, we will dance to their tune.

    MEanwhile w're back in the Waiting Room Of The World. Fuck; least there's music.