Saturday, December 31, 2016


  • Me ▲ yesterday.
  • I don't feel like doing Paul Westerberg and Patti Smith birthday posts, OK?
  • It's the one on the right, my left in real life, that's the problem. Fortunately, and unrelatedly, I'd trimmed my owlbrows the day before.
  • I also suffer finemetaphorabounditus. My eyes can be fixed - probably - with simple laser surgery. The other? probably requires a finemetaphoraboundectomy. It removes the diseased parts but also destroys healthy cells nearby. Some days my finger hovers over the Fuck It plunger.
  • Saturdays.
  • On Left melancholia: Ten days ago at Cornell I was asked to take part in a debate on the theme 'Is Trump a fascist?’ I answered ‘Trump is as much a fascist as Occupy Wall Street or Nuit Debout are communist!’ There is no possible genealogy between these movements. Such a void in the memory is perhaps the result of my generation’s failures."
  • Our digital idiocy.
  • Who says 2017 can't be worse?
  • Something about this Russia story stinks.
  • Outlasting the Emperor day by day.
  • The Most Important Books of the Last Twenty Years? Any list that has two C.D. Wrights, two Anne Carsons, and two Ishiguros (including The Unconsoled) isn't discountable.
  • My standing offer of buying you - if you ask nice and I like you - Wright's Stealing Away, Carson's The Autobiography of Red, or Ishiguro's The Unconsoled still stands.
  • None of the year end musician death lists - this one, for instance - mention Alan Vega. It also didn't mention C.D. Wright.



  1. As I understand the procedure, the FMA-otomy can result in decreased perception of subtleties -- a refocus on Big Things (Wow, that whale is badass) as opposed to other details (gold piece nailed to mast; floating on coffin; the narrative the narrative).

    Flaubert had the early version of it done and his work just plunged, until he found a magik elixir. Orson Wells descended into self-parody. Certain musicians who remain nameless used the Wal-Mart Home FMA-otomy Kit (with the small tube of anastethic) and with varying awfulness. Jeff Koons -- well; that bastard had it performed at birth, and you've seen the results. Don't Do It, Man!

    Thanks for the linkage. A safe 'n sane New Years for you, your tribe, and all the rest of us down here.

  2. You know you're getting old when you gotta trim your eyebrows not to mention hairs that start growing out of your ears. Don't get me started on nose hairs. I did see a nose hair trimmer for sale on Amazon. The selling point was that it had a vacuum suction that sucked the nose hair trimmings out of your nose. In this way you didn't have to worry about a nose hair trimming falling out of your nose in an embarrassing moment later on, great selling point. Hey, it's the golden years!

  3. Am receiving those brainwaves. Please continue transmission.

    Best wishes for the New Year! See better; feel better. *FMA*