Friday, December 30, 2016

The Short Days at the End of a Long Life

My brother SeatSix gave me an excellent fountain pen for Giftmas, you can read about it above. Though this: using pencil exclusively the past few months, I physically wrote differently, I didn't notice until I tried writing with the fountain pen. I use pens at work, of course, that's not writing. Pencils flow one way, pens another. Pencil's one maintenance, pen's another. There are tablet implications. I know I wrestle tablet-rules instead of wrestling me. Full-size version here. Yes I'm better at deliberate mistakes than deliberate correct but only half up there were on purpose.


became something of a problem as the years went
by. Unable to tell the difference between a friend and
foe, he got in trouble for bruising the visiting
priest with the sharp end of a lemon. No longer
able to read the Bible, Samuel worried about his
soul. He remembered the words of the prophet -
For Who May Abide the Day of His Coming? -
but could not recall the answer. These were the
short days at the end of a long life. He died to the
rumpus of a hurricane tearing pins from the old
zinc roof, the rope around his wrist frayed away to
almost nothing.

   --- Jennifer Copley


  1. i have great affection for nesmith's "cruisin'"

  2. Thanks for mentioning Sibler.
    Was it Nesmith's mother who invented 'White-Out'? I think so, but wrong on much.