Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dear Ghost, What Shelter in the Noonday Crowd?

  • Met on trail Sunday past.
  • As I type this sentence 7:32 last evening my twitter-betters are aflutter about a washed-up game show host who tweeted something right-wing stupid about something catnip.
  • I've finished the 5th Dream, though I've 80 pages of post-dream history to ingest.
  • Heinmot Tooyaloket, also known as Joseph, as carnival sideshow.
  • You want to know America's future read Vollmann's Dreams of America's past.
  • My experiment driving the speed limit is now permanent.
  • Gauge the assholes, the increased numbers, the assholier assholiness.
  • We are being reprogrammed.
  • Session by session, assholiness will be decriminalized for the most reliably assholy.
  • Reliable - and eager! - assholes have been waiting decades for this minute, my old team reliably lagging just -.06% behind, asshole-wise, relying on my Kindness like a get out of jail free card.
  • This shitty blog started as yodel-reflector rehahahaing Blegsylvania's top asshole-hahahaing overlords in hopes I'd gain their shitty blogroll - though I like to think you stayed for the Fleabus photos, links, music, and poetry.
  • Tomorrow is High Bleggalgazing Day in Egoslavia.
  • Yesterday, beloved Sugarloaf w Earthgirl:


John Ashbery

Dear ghost, what shelter
in the noonday crowd? I'm going to write
an hour, then read
what someone else has written.

You've no mansion for this to happen in.
But your adventures are like safe houses,
your knowing where to stop an adventure
of another order, like seizing the weather.

We are too embroiled in this scene of happening,
and when we speak the same phrase together:
"We used to have one of those,"
it matters like a shot in the dark.

One of us stays behind.
One of us advances on the bridge
as on a carpet. Life - it's marvelous -
follows and falls behind.


  1. 1)intrigued about the former game show host and his controversial views, i discovered that he seems to have overemphasized the amount of or importance of the ancestral background of the russian revolutionary leader - our friends at wikipedia say

    Lenin's father, Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, was from a family of serfs; his ethnic origins remain unclear, with suggestions being made that he was Russian, Chuvash, Mordvin, or Kalmyk. Despite this lower-class background he had risen to middle-class status, studying physics and mathematics at Kazan Imperial University before teaching at the Penza Institute for the Nobility. Ilya married Maria Alexandrovna Blank in mid-1863. Well educated and from a relatively prosperous background, she was the daughter of a German–Swedish woman and a Russian Jewish physician who had converted to Christianity. It is likely that Lenin was unaware of his mother's Jewish ancestry, which was only discovered by his sister Anna after his death. [end of quote from wikipedia]

    i note that although his mother had jewish ancestry, using the jewish matrilineal concepts, she herself was not jewish, inasmuch as her own mother was not jewish, and thus she could not pass jewish identity down to her descendants

    not that there's anything wrong with that

    2)and while we're speaking about religion, allow me to give you the web address of

    "When Buddhadharma Comes to the West", by Culadasa -


    although many or perhaps even most of the western-born contemporary buddhist teachers are of jewish background, to the best of my knowledge culadasa - john yates - is not

    not that there's anything wrong with that

  2. "This turtle could be a rock... in disguise... fooling everyone..." But I honestly wondered from the Twitter shot whether it might be a beetle. I'm sure the Twitter Betters knew better. Also, too, as well, as it were, if you will: Maybe that washed-up game show host was washed up because he'd been getting ready for game show dinner. Turtle Song live: https://youtu.be/OiL523Ttchw?t=41s