Monday, July 31, 2017

We Used to Play for Silver, Now We Play for Laughs

Gonna bump Jerry's traditional High Egoslavian Holy Day post to High Egoslavian Holy Day Eve because tomorrow is Melville's too and because the music is in my head now, be in yours too:

Jerry Garcia was born 75 years ago tomorrow. Something else I say once a year: that 4/12/78 Durham show ▲? , one of the five best nights of my life, the buzz, the girl and that week, the intimacy of the venue, the Dead on (despite the shitty recording - trust me). Saw dozens of dozens of shows, others who have can vouch too, there were stinkers, there were the many meh minus to meh plus shows (though, with few exceptions, BLAST was had), then there were the shows when the band clicked, as infrequent as a come-from-behind walk-off home run home game, and made all the mehs and stinkers worth it.

Click THIS for LOTS more songs. Was at this show too: