Saturday, August 5, 2017

Man in the Cairn

Hadley Brook Trail to Maple Springs Trail to Sargent South Trail to top of Sargent Mountain then Grandgent Trail down off Sargent then up to Gilmore Peak then down off Gilmore then up to Parkman Mountain then Parkman Mountain Trail straight down to car was yesterday. Photos by Earthgirl - the human in the cairn, on ridge, be me.

And that's it for Acadia this year. We need be out of house by ten - we'll be out by seven. We're gonna drive to Baxter State Park and look around - there won't be time to climb Katadhin, but we can gauge what time we need allot next summer when we're here, and we'll find some small hike before sleeping in Bangor Saturday night before flying home Sunday. There are no critical votes in the Senate tonight, even if I see the Senator at airport Sunday, pwfft.


  1. The cairn pic is freaking awesome.

  2. I mean, all the Maine pics have been great, and thank you, but that one seems pretty inspired to me.