Monday, September 25, 2017

Beyond Mergers and Acquisitions

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  • Shostakovich born 111 years ago today. It's not his fault I don't hear his music as well as once.
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Edward Hirsch

Beyond junk bonds and oil spills,
beyond the collapse of Savings and Loans,
beyond liquidations and options on futures,
beyond basket trading and expanding foreign markets,
the Dow Jones industrial average, the Standard
& Poor's stock index, mutual funds, commodities,
beyond the rising tide of debits and credits,
opinion polls, falling currencies, the signs
for L. A. Gear and Coca Cola Classic, 
the signs for U.S. Steel and General Motors,
hi-grade copper, municipal bonds, domestic sugar,
beyond fax it and collateral buildups,
beyond mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts,
hostile takeovers, beyond the official policy
on inflation and the consensus on happiness,
beyond the national trends in buying and selling,
getting and spending, the market stalled
and the cost passed on to consumers,
beyond the statistical charts on prices,
there is something else that drives us, some
rage or hunger, some absence smoldering
like a childhood fever vaguely remembered
or half-perceived, some unprotected desire,
greed that is both wound and knife,
a failed grief, a lost radiance.

1 comment:

  1. re "cargo culting" link and "mergers and acquisitions" poem and cake photograph

    1)at the first mentioned i encountered this term, which i have not given much attention to - but may well have if i had been wandering along a somewhat similar path a generation later -

    a brief reaction to the wikipedia article - it neglects issues of finance and control and class struggle, and of the greed that drives some to ruin the lives of many others - closing factories, instigating mass murder -

    and speaking of which

    2)of the "something else that drives us", mentioned in hirsch's poem, maybe i could google the original of the observation "you can never get enough of what you aren't really hungry for" - anyway, i've pointed to this tune before

    3)may elric and janet live happily together for the rest of their days