Tuesday, September 26, 2017

You May Be Stranded If You Stick Around, or: Seventy-Two Today

Bryan Ferry is seventy-fucking-two today. High Egoslavian Holy Day.

Sophomore year at Gaithersburg High School, 1975. Party at Corma Nahill's house - her parents out of town. Bring your two favorite albums we were told. My turn - Queen, Night at the Opera - turn those fags off! shouted Tome Adkins (to concurring guffaws). Took off Queen, put on Roxy Music, Stranded, the first song, "Street Life" - what the fuck is this faggy shit, shouted Tome Atkins (to concurring guffaws). Tome (he really did spell Tom this way, starting in eighth grade) was hitting on my girlfriend Reannie Jivera, one of his standard tactics in stealing girlfriends was  humiliating the boyfriend. It was working. Fuck this, I said for first time, after three years of these fuckers. Fuck this.

Fuck this worked out. More songs Roxy and solo.


  1. Good thing they didn't let the first one play to "You're My Best Friend" or Reannie 'Death on Two Legs' Jivera'd've turned into a 'Sweet Lady'. Stranded with Tome turned out to be the perfect date.

    1. It WAS "Death on Two Legs." I doubt anyone there knew it was "Death on Two Legs" cause it wasn't on the radio but everyone knew Mays' guitar sound even if they didn't know the song.

      Sweetly, one of my favorite girlfriends ever was AH, whose theme song, because of her strict parents, was "Tie Your Mother Down," so my Queen emotional ties are deep, especially to that album. Landru can vouch.

  2. what do you call a short fortuneteller who's hiding from the police?

    a small medium at large

  3. Love is a many splintered thing. Pheromones, chemical reactions, hormones, nature's little joke on humanity. High school is where you learn what assholes people can be. Rah, rah, rah!