Sunday, September 24, 2017

Born One-Hundred Fourteen Years Ago Tomorrow

I love Rothko's art (to Earthgirl and Planet's dismay), and tomorrow's another Egoslavian Holy Day, and the day after that a High Egoslavian Holy Day, but right now I want like to look at Rothko paintings while listening to Morton Feldman, you too if you want.


  1. Being the worst BFF ever, I don't often side with you against your wymyn, but I'm with you on Rothko.

  2. To use the stairwell at the Place O' Witless Labor™, one must Face The Rothko (in this case, No. 14 [1960]) -- a nice, actual-size print, decor originally chosen by the Software Oligarch who had this building created.

    The tastes of Those Who Pay Me (and now own the place) seem to run towards 'Inoffensive Generic Seashore', so I use the stairs whenever possible and say Gobblez and Thanks, Phil, on my way up and down.