Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I Was Having Trouble Deciding Which to Watch: *Night of the Living Bloggers,* or *Attack of the Neck-Brace People.*



Franz Wright

I was having trouble deciding 
which to watch: Night 
of the Living Bloggers, or 
Attack of the Neck-Brace People. 
In the end I just went for a walk.
In the woods I stopped wondering why 
of all trees 
this one: my hand 
pressed to fissures 
and ridges of
bark’s hugely magnified 
fingerprint, forehead 
resting against it 
finally, feeling 
a heartbeat, vast, silently 
booming there deep in 
my hidden leaves, blessed 
motherworld, personal 
underworld, thank you  

thank you.

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  1. 0)given the range of choices at the pictured vending machine, i'd probably take the smartfood cheese popcorn, or the peanut m&ms

    1)i liked the franz wright poem

    2) over at *ock*aper*cissors i conclude i have become persona non grata - my attempted comments disappear - it was something i wrote, of course, but i am not quite sure what - no matter - je ne regrette rien

    2a)my attempted comment there today was in relation to trump entering the hall of robot presidents at disneyworld - the last time i was there - quite a while ago - robot abraham lincoln gave an amazing speech (which the audience applauded, of course) - amazing in its emptiness of meaning - the disney people could have had robot lincoln use one of lincoln's real speeches, but they didn't want to do that - the show must go on

    3)speaking of whiteness as a plague, as does one of the things you point to today, this has come to my attention: