Sunday, January 7, 2018

Holds the Record for Missing Fingers

  • My aunt did give me a FitBit, I wore it for three days, felt disloyal to and cheating on this watch. All I wanted to do is see how the FitBit worked, I was curious. I am not convinced my watch forgives me, though it's kept faithful time.
  • The increasing unfitness of Donald Trump.
  • Reminder from Silber: I begin from the indisputable premise that anyone who wants to be President is insane or too close to insane to countenance. I've discussed this issue here, and I will have more to say about it soon. For the moment, I merely emphasize that I don't mean this fancifully, and I don't express the point in these terms simply to be colorful. I mean it literally and clinically: anyone who wants this degree of power is extraordinarily dangerous, primarily because he/she is fundamentally disconnected from the realities of life, suffering and death on the ground.
  • Black Hole Sun God.
  • Yodel again: watch what's done while folk freak at Trump breaking kayfabe.
  • Working at Amy's Frozen Foods. At least I don't fall for the because they're vegetarian they're not corporate fuckers fairytale.
  • Yodel again: motherfucking Democrats.
  • UPDATE! via davidly:

  • The Year Ahead: September 6: Congress passes a law requiring that all persons arrested in anti-war demonstrations must be sterilized. President Trump says it is “a huge law”. Congressional Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi votes for the law but declares that she has misgivings because there’s no provision for a right of appeal. 
  • I am telling you three times we are being reprogramed, but I don't mention enough how easily our pitchforks tune to chaos.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links.
  • Should the demise of the literary novel trouble us?
  • Watches die on me, I don't die on watches. 
  • UPDATE! Poem about boogers
  • Poetry and meaning: Like Ruefle I also teach poetry for a living, so I guess I am also in the business of teaching my students not to know, and teaching them to understand how and why they cannot know, and to regard this as the “only true wisdom”, that is, to see not knowing as a crucial advancement of knowledge. It’s really the only kind of knowledge we were born with, and we spend our lives forgetting and remembering it.
  • Fine metaphors abound.
  • Charge of the league's brigades. I love davidly, you couldn't pay me to watch the NBA.
  • Jim's desert hiking
  • Mary Ruefle interview.


Mary Ruefle

Ann Galbraith
loves Barry Soyers.
Please pray for Lucius Fenn
who suffers greatly whilst shaking hands.
Bonny Polton
loves a pug named Cowl.
Please pray for Olina Korsk
who holds the record for missing fingers.
Leon Bendrix loves Odelia Jonson
who loves Kurt who loves Carlos who loves Paul.
Please pray for Cortland Filby
who handles a dead wasp, a conceit for his mother.
Harold loves looking at Londa's hair under the microscope.
Londa loves plaiting the mane of her pony.
Please pray for Fancy Dancer
who is troubled by the vibrissa in his nostrils.
Nadine St. Clair loves Ogden Smythe
who loves blowing his nose on postage stamps.
Please pray for William Shakespeare
who does not know how much we love him, miss him and think of him.
Yukiko Pearl loves the little bits of toffee
that fall to the floor when Jeffrey is done with his snack.
Please pray for the florist Marieko
who wraps roses in a paper cone then punches the wrong code.
Muriel Frame loves retelling the incident
that happened on the afternoon of November third.
Please pray for our teacher Ursula Twombly
who does not know the half of it.
By the radiator in a wooden chair
wearing woolen stockings sits a little girl
in a dunce's cap, a paper cone rolled to a point
and inverted on her hair; she's got her hands
in her lap and her head bowed down, her chin
is trembling with having been singled out like this
and she is sincere in her fervent wish to die.
Take it away and give it to the Tartars
who roll gloriously into battle.



  1. They could pay you, you still wouldn't watch (& I thank you).
    Re. the citation under The Year Ahead: I'm sure the adults in the room'll fix it in reconciliation.

  2. Lots of fitbits around these parts over giftmas as well. More functionality than I need. Yet, my analog automatic watch is slowing. I don't know how to crack it open or adjust. Only watch repair place nearby just closed. My desperation level rises. My anxiety. Over time. About time.

    Thanks for the link! And best wishes for the new year. Though I despair for it.

  3. sub-zip temp'ratures
    a poem about boogers
    Pjo-epf of Vri-ecyh?

    divisive hyphen
    three to five syllable range
    singsong or diphthong?

  4. 1)i enjoyed davidly's addition of the watchfaces to the egoslavia graphic

    2)with regard to time, i recently wrote to an author of a book on 'the fourth way'

    From time to time I think of G.'s aphorism, "One of the best means for arousing the wish to work on yourself is to realize that you may die at any moment. But first you must learn how to keep it in mind." My dad lived until 96, but he was noticeably diminished in his last few years. My mother died with all her faculties - from lung cancer, at the age of 60. I used to be well above average in intelligence - now I think I am moderately above average.

    the author replied, after stating that he is my age:

    I recall and sympathize with your take on aging. However, it could be less your age and more that you now see things, including yourself and the "advantages" of the intellect, in clearer perspective. Don't sell yourself short. From what you've said you may have a good 10 years or more left for real progress.

    yes, i agree with him - i may, or i may not

    3)Jim H. writes And best wishes for the new year. Though I despair for it.

    andrew sullivan, after noting that trump's first year was a disaster, nevertheless finds reasons for hope, although not optimism

  5. 1.) I received a FitBit from friends in 2012. They were trying to tell me something. Much as I love them, I didn't like a company having access to my biometrics, and never turned it on. Ever.
    1-A.) I won't provide with a sample of my DNA, either, for reasons similar to 'why I never wore the FitBit', above.
    2.) Two watches I wear regularly: One a Citizen Eco-drive automatic, because it was a solar watch and how cool is that; and a PX-purchased 1969 Seiko automatic, now very hard to get repaired, as the Seiko company will no longer warranty it.
    3.) Trump is a bloated, crazy loon, whose operation can no longer be warrantied, either.
    4.) Fiber and Slurry. As Told To Charles Krauthammer's hair colorist.
    5.) Jeebus H.; The Chuckles and Nancy Show, whose operations can be depended upon to Fluff The Powers, every time.
    6.) Neue Jahres Kommt: My favorite part is where anyone with an annual income of more than $25 million is "no longer classified as human", and therefore unable to charge that their human rights are being violated.
    7.) No NBA! Kind of like No Parasan! but, you know, not.