Monday, January 8, 2018

The Hinterland, the Hinterland, We're Gonna Sail to the Hinterland. And It's Far Far, Far Far Far, Far Far Far Away Its a Far Far, Far Far Far Fa Da Da Da-Da Da

My favorite Bowie song ever - people can vouch - easily one of my five most air-guitared songs ever.

Here is the 60+ song list for his RIP two years ago. Some even still work.

High Egoslavian Holy Day. Born 71 years ago today. Innermost circle MSADI5G.

Mongo requests (get your requests in, I'll try to post):

Charlie requests:

Cirze requests:


  1. That weren't no DJ / That was hazy cosmic jive, just because it was the first thing to mind. Let the children lose it / Let the children lose it / Let the children boogie.

  2. one of my favorites is cat people - putting out fire with gasoline

  3. Just listening to 1.Outside, taking the opportunity, using the excuse to find the song Eno mentions in his '95 diary, A Year with Swollen Apendices, from faber and faber. Great book, with swollen appendices, maybe, certainly no index I can name search. There's an entry wherein he mentions as an example of Bowie's remarkably creative apt-itude-ness how he'd gone in and out of the recording room in quick succession singing several voices in conversation, building the piece to Eno's awe and great result. In another entry he recounts having sat in the studio watching him sing through the glass and, how by way of some posture he'd struck, received the borne out depth of his iconic stature.