Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It's Called the Moon

  • I notice I'm posting fewer posts. 
  • Past Sunday and Monday evening I nursed no working draft, there is always a working draft if only to collect links, songs and poems, I never not nurse a working draft.
  • I remember Egoslavian Holy Days by posting on the person's bday, 
  • looking at today a year ago in archives.
  • I wasn't here two days, who did I miss (nobody), catch in time (nobody), need remember until April 21 a High Egoslavian Holy Day (times two)? I looked last night.
  • Last April 18, the gif above with nothing but the tags below:
  • So fuck me well and true, bless and damn my in(f)ternal weather's devotion to stations.
  • There's a moon in the sky.
  • Spiral.
  • Blog about a disquieting passage from Murnane's short story "Stream System."
  • Lost Pilot.
  • Truth to tell (finx, muck je): I'm reading, fuck my eye's ache, chimes again now and then. Slay me, to be unslumped, Lordy, I ruin everything.
  • Power's resorting to the electric shock death, revival, see ghosts trick bothers me here at first, but The Overstory so far has earned my trying to get past it.
  • Something zup (me), and it's not dark, or not too dark solely.
  • Here, this is beautiful:

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  1. 1)with regard to the b-52s - today i learned that all but one are gay

    2)and speaking of recording artists - today i learned about the circumstances of sam cooke's death

    3)and speaking of those who have died - in reading tate's poem 'the lost pilot', about his father, i note that the poet speaks of his father's fellow aviators in the bombing crew as if they had survived and he had met them - this seems unlikely

    4)and speaking of world war two pilots, and of parents who died - in hearing about the passing of barbara bush, wife of hw and mother of w - i find myself thinking of my own late parents, also of that generation, and not giving much emotional weight to hw and w's roles in targeted assassinations and mass murder in the 20th and 21st centuries - who knows if it's good or bad?

    5)in thinking about my contemplated purchase of a hatchback automobile, i find myself wondering how it differs from a station wagon (smaller, apparently, i conclude after reading text and viewing diagrams at wikipedia) and whether it appears in any james tate poetry - i don't find "hatchback" immediately - james tate the automative writer is not james tate the poet - but do find this

    Down the road, about a quarter of a mile, a tractor trailer
    jackknifed and took a station wagon and a minibus
    with it straight to hell where they had some
    remarkably good carrot cake.
    A jackal-headed god of the underworld
    joined them at their table
    and was surprisingly convivial.

    this is from the poem "at the days end motel"

    5)Anubis is the Greek name of a god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion