Monday, June 25, 2018

A Bird to His Mathematics and Song Memory

  • Forgive me, I jones The Sarah and Red Hen Show.
  • When professional Democrats call this a win for Trump, they are not wrong.
  • Everything is a win for Trump. Everything.
  • I don't know there *is* a Trump brake, 
  • (by "Trump brake" I certainly don't mean Motherfucking Democrats
  • I mean billionaires planning to get the half-penny on my dead body).
  • Verily, I've never eaten at a Waffle House and never will. 
  • Trump broke Kayfabe, he owns Kayfabe, he can say anyfuckingthing he wants,
  • Professional Democrats will eat your FUCK YOUS like they slap gnats.
  • Bipartisanship - harass motherfucking Democrats too.


Joseph Ceravolo

How many sights
do I have that I'm
    A body and even the blesses are
a nuisance of man's
                   glory. It is transitory;
a bird to
his mathematics and
song memory. My song's
had enough. My song is
enough plow courage;
against my soda is loud and
cares like a stable horse
out of a thunderbolt.
We're crazy men.

Out of a she
       I come to
you, shot or clubbed like
a fisherman without a fish.
Without a desperation to sing.
I want to be a servant
even though I try,
but this is backed
up for man's life, backed up.

Are these the high schools
     in our drinks?
To take us
          in a school of fish

              oh the sea, sea

                       we feel

Ah like a fish.

And we could be born
irrevocable, testament, poverty

in the garden: Then
    only then will
I hear my my son
    change toys
    at the beginning of a new day:
                                 a wave,


  1. 1)cervalo poem "soul in migration" reminds me of tv documentary series "your inner fish"

    2)during high school i lived in virginia and saw restaurants that had a sign on the door "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone"

    3)my insurance company is usaa - i see their tv commercials also - tag line "we know what it means to serve"

    4)my dad - from whom i inherited the insurance company link - used to like to drive about in the country on a sunday - as a child i didn't really get it

    5)yesterday i celebrated my birthday by driving about in the country - montgomery county's agricultural preserve - a groundhog crossed the road in front of spouse and self

    6)'groundhog day' is my favorite movie - missus charley and i went on a pilgrimage to punxsatawney soon after we got married

  2. Lovely EH. And that Budd will always immerse me in the resin of the time and place where I found it.

    1. I haven't posted nearly enough Emmylou here.