Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cause It's Time It's Time In Time With Your Time

  • I guess twooter just warned me to watch the wrath rather than put me in a corner for a day, it told me it was muting me for 24 hours but didn't.
  • I sloppy-twooted many a motherfucking professional Democrat yesterday to eat shit and fuck off to the sea when each individually lectured me on my dire responsibility to eat shit civilly, one (or more) of them must have whined.
  • I'm percolating, it's sinfully weak and wonderfully unfilling, yes? 
  • I am telling you three times we are being reprogrammed.
  • This shit-eating civility thing only works if your team has integrity arguing honorably in your interest.
  • Hector Trump motherfucking cysts, certainly - hector motherfucking Democrats with extra fuck you.
  • Holyfuck, I love Yes.


  1. I'm just spitballing here, but have you maybe considered watching a little footy, tossing some discs, and going for a hike with your wife?

    1. Yes! And you liked the photo!

    2. I admit to being smugly pleased when I saw the pics, yes.

  2. Yes. It's been a long time, but they were big for me in HS.

  3. in the universe of rock bands with whom i am acquainted yes scores very high on the civility scale, imho