Thursday, August 23, 2018

Recent Resentment Resent

  • Pence. He will be hailed as Savior of Civility, Restorer of Decorum, a devout Devout Asshole.
  • "Restorderer." Trademark. 
  • Villagers will swoon for Restorderer", Fox will be Life Cereal for Mikey.
  • Reminder: sAeSsSsHiOoLnEs eats his daily Trump logs because he knows Pence will release him to be the assholiest Motherfuckerer sAeSsSsHiOoLnEs his Motherfuckerer sAeSsSsHiOoLnEs can be.
  • I can't help but tell you this three times.
  • The Understatement of Existential Climate Risk.
  • "sAeSsSsHiOoLnEs." Trademark. Related adjectives and adverbs too.
  • Much of western US will be uninhabitable in 40 years.
  • Three people will live in Wyoming in 2058, two will be GOP senators.
  • Trump is a fever boil, lanced when time, still an major ass(hol)et to the assholest Money.
  • Psst, here's a life secret.
  • Life in the Restordererocene, shittier, tipping point tipped and all, but waterboarding w pence session beer +.06 shittier than Democrats go trying to win upper-middle class suburban whites.
  • I have Doctor Sevrin ears.


Pjoepf of Vriecyh

Recent resentment
resent finalizes fap
my final fester

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I am typing faster, far
more accurately

now I've abandoned

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  1. Yeah, President Pence could be much worse than Trump. We'll still be surrounded by Trump Chumps.
    They're everywhere. They crawl out from under their rocks drooling and belching. Most of them have guns and they like to kill things, the great Marrkun pastime.

    I've been toying with permanently getting off the internet which disgusts me. Should I retreat into my own make-believe world. I think I'd be happier without the internet. Why was I born in Marrkuh? Was I reincarnated and did something really awful in a past life? Why, why, why?

    I suppose to be born in one of the nations that are the victims of Marrkuh could be, would be, much, much worse. But it could have been much, much better too. It would be nice to get off the internet but I fear it would not solve anything at all. I'd still be here where I am in this place in this time in this god-fucked country. Still, getting off the internet appeals more and more and more. I could pretend it never existed, maybe I'll start drooling and speaking in tongue, wrestle snakes, tilt at windmills, be one with the old ones who filtered down from the stars. I hear the call of Cthulu! Hey, dude!

  2. And they'll still have three electoral votes.

  3. They're waiting for after the 2 year mark so Pence will have the opportunity to run twice. Imagine almost 10 years of President Pence.

  4. i asserted in the comments at the nytimes about roger cohen's column "how far america has fallen", and so far 20 have agreed -

    "It will not be extirpated overnight." Indeed - in fact, it will not be extirpated at all until it is recognized and regretted and seen as something that it is possible to turn away from. Kurt Vonnegut, at the end of his long life, thought that the humane, reasonable United States his generation was fighting for in World War II could never come to pass - because of the addiction to oil, and to power, that seemed unbreakable to him. America cannot have a spiritual rebirth until it repents. I see no sign of this on the horizon. For the Creative Forces of the Universe to stand beside us, and guide us, through the Night with the Light from Above, we would have to be willing to recognize we are lost in darkness. I hope and pray for such a turning point, but nevertheless it would surprise me to see it. In the American tragedy, the election of Obama was the moment of hope - before everything comes crashing down, as actions from long ago produce their inevitable consequences.

    sometimes i'm mistaken, of course

    and as yogi berra could have said, you never know when something surprising might happen