Sunday, August 5, 2018

Red Bulb Hanging in the Blue

  • 5:47 AM Sunday August 5th, sunrise over Bernard, cottage on Seal Pond.
  • What's the the blue dot?
  • Driving (rain) day, yesterday, rest day too, Lincoln NH to Mount Desert Island ME.
  • Woke up yesterday in downpour, drove through downpour, it's 7:20 Saturday in the cottage we always stay in as I type this sentence, it's downpouring now. Tomorrow supposed to be nice.
  • 260 miles (by car) almost but not quite due east, MDI from Lincoln.
  • Look what was waiting for me - I knew I'd left it somewhere.

  • I am telling you three times this is where I get the I am telling you three times, though I am telling you three times it's the best reading experience - three times - of the last ten years of my life.
  • Read the hardback the first time, bought that paperback and read the second time, intended to read it the third time but left it here (unbeknownst to me - I just knew I lost it), bought a new one for the third reading, anyone want this one?
  • I'm booked this vacation, and 4th reading scheduled for next summer.
  • Rob asks a good question, but I am telling you three times, this is how I relax.

  • Hummingbird evaluating my trustworthiness, seconds ago.
  • We talk about retirement up here.
  • I hate snow, and we've never experienced a Maine winter (or Maine mud season or Maine bug season), but we daydream.
  • Anyway, songs from yesterday's drive plus links while they're fresh.


  1. I have read many of the Vollman articles you've linked to, and I've also read Poor People. Perhaps it's time to try out his fiction. Unless there is a more deserving candidate, I'm willing to take the volume off your hands.

    1. None more deserving - DM me your address, though I won't be able to send until I'm back from Maine and can use the free shipping from work.

      Hummingbirds have a great sense of curiosity and humor. They are very cool.

  2. Should mention, I too was checked out by a hummingbird. This evening on a friend's back patio.

    Later, I spent about fifteen minutes hanging out with a weary butterfly on a little red bench just off downtown's main drag on a quiet little side street.