Tuesday, September 25, 2018

you shouldn't've had to read them but you did

  • There are many more Assholes at the Asshole Store, though I think they picked this asshole because he is a Master Asshole, the biggest bestest Biggest Bestest Master Asshole in the system.
  • Male Trouble
  • I mentioned to a Hillaryite Colleague last week that the smartest thing the GOP/Trump could do would be withdraw Kavanaugh and name whatever her name was that was mentioned in the short-listing of candidates as a cynical See! Woman! and rush her through
  • but assholes being assholes they would (a) never withdraw Kavanaugh until and unless absolutely necessary and (b) would not replace a male with a female in that instance. 
  • Depressive Weimar Ranting.
  • One crucial side-effect of the Kavanaugh Shitstorm: Fuck the Washington Nationals.
  • My affection was always more for the local radio play-by-play - and Charlie and Dave are great - but I've been weening off all summer, don't listen even in the car anymore.
  • Noble Prize Non-Countdown!
  • An old observation on Blegsylvania: the bigger the shitstorm the slower becomes Blegsylvania.
  • Me? I work for a boss who thinks fair = nice, not fair = equitable, and gives me grief for being fair in both contexts.
  • UPDATE! Life-sized Fleabus at new (replacement) other place.
  • On Clark Coolidge's Poet.
  • A big fat postponed and hopefully abandoned - from here - bleggalgaze.
  • Bryan Ferry is 73 today, lots of songs here, but holyfuck, I love this song:

[Sometimes I thought those things were]

Clark Coolidge

Sometimes I thought those things were
different than he thought they were     not?
many of us went along with them anyway
small peremptory poems?    walks off to
back of studio    handstands among plantstands
the phone calls would come later

The poems ran on a sort of dry insistence
you shouldn't've had to read them but you did


  1. 1)the allegation about kavanaugh which allegedly will be soon be officially alleged by someone who has had security clearances - this allegation about the allegation having been made by the lawyer for the woman who received hush money from candidate trump [this payment having not accomplished its intended purpose]


    2)reminds me of a pop song, which i first heard on the radio in little eva's version, written by goffin/king, notable for appearing in the American Top 5 three times, each time in a different decade


    3)i only learned this morning Some radio stations replaced the guitar instrumental section with the repeat of the bridge instead ("You got to sway your hips now"), because the disc jockeys strongly believed the static guitar solo was too experimental hard rock for airplay on commercial radio stations.

    4)i like this video


    5)as to the connection between preppie/frat boy bret and the song - by the time i encountered the third hit version - kylie minogue's - my dirty mind found a double entendre in lyrics which may have been intended as something suitable for bret kavanaugh's innocent daughters -

    Now that you can do it, let's make a chain, now
    (Come on baby, do the loco-motion)
    A chug-a chug-a motion like a railroad train, now
    (Come on baby, do the loco-motion)

    1. 1)i omitted mentioning that the 2nd hit version of the 'the loco-motion' song was by grand funk railroad, and it was their guitar instrumental section that was considered 'too experimental' for commercial radio stations

      2)i am typing this during the morning of 26 sep 2018 - if michael avenatti does not bring forward the victim/witness he has promised sometime today, i will be disappointed

      3)may the creative forces of the universe stand beside us, and guide us, through the Night with the Light from Above

      4)and for something completely different -


  2. The US led war in Yemen actually began in 2009 even if they call it the Saudi led war today:


    "The reports on increased activities by CIA operatives and Special Operations military commandos in Yemen follow a series of covert US airstrikes. On December 17, US warplanes firing cruise missiles targeted what officials in Washington claimed were Al Qaeda training camps in the provinces of Sana’a and Abyan. Officials in Yemen, however, said that the attacks claimed the lives of more than 60 civilians, 28 of them children.

    A second airstrike was carried out on December 24 in the remote region of Shabwa against what US officials described as a meeting of Al Qaeda operatives. Again, Yemenis in the area said that there had been no such meeting.

    US intelligence officials indicate that one of the intended targets of the December 24 airstrike was Anwar al Awlaki, a Muslim cleric who is a US citizen born in New Mexico. While Awlaki has been linked to the US Army major, Nidal Malik Hasan, who is charged in last month’s mass shooting at Fort Hood, he has himself been accused of no crime. The attempt to carry out his extra-judicial execution has provoked not a hint of criticism from any section of the media or the political establishment in the US.

    US warplanes have also reportedly been used, along with Saudi military action, against an internal rebellion in northwestern Saada province near the border with Saudi Arabia. The attacks are aimed at an armed movement known as the Houthis, named for their former commander, which was formed to defend the Zaydi Shia population. The dominant group in the country until 1962, when a Nasserite coup overthrew the ruling monarchy, the Zaydi population has faced repression and discrimination at the hands of the present government."

    Twenty eight children in Yemen slaughtered by the US, that sort of rings a bell. To think that Obama was supporting a repressive government. Who would have thunk it. So it doesn't matter that we've been bombing Yemen since at least since 2009 because we've got nothing to do with it! It doesn't matter that Saudi Arabia is a US puppet state, we've got nothing to do with it! It's the Saudi coalition and a Saudi led war. It couldn't be a US led war, we just supply the weapons and money because it's a Saudi led war. And poowah widdle Israel, they're just as innocent as babes:


    But hey, their national food is falafels so what the fuck. Fuck me, fuck us, because who gives a flying fuck. You can call it a Saudi led war, you can call me late for dinner because a turd by any other name would smell just as bad.

  3. Bruce Hooper, gone by Spring? Must say, it is nice to have some order restored to the NL East. The Braves' rebuilding and suburbanizing was excruciating, but, in the end, baseball won out. Love the game, loved it since I was kid. Used to listen to Braves games on a transistor radio under the covers after bed time as a boy. Can't recall this kind of excitement for a Bball team in ages. Young, enthusiastic, energetic, love to play the game, fun. If only our pitching was better...

  4. Coolidge; huh. Think he's related to Silent Cal?

    One of Aram's cousins was a college friend who 'wooed away' my First Real Love, daughter of a wealthy wealthy from Marin County. Cue The Girl Who Refused To Be Mrs Mongo (who volunteered as the Relationship Failure Airbag). All was as well as it was thereafter, and so far.