Sunday, September 23, 2018

buy batteries dried beans

  • I've not a bout of writers block but a pause to process the last three weeks, the hardest of my year, so it's not my killing evernote and my refusal to watch Scrivener tutorial videos the kept me from typing per recent overflow, but
  • me be me, when worksuck eases the Clusterfuck returns to consciousness despite myself and I catch myself making hot takes again,
  • so here goes: Donald Trump could hand a Glock to Kavanaugh who shoots Ford between the eyes on live TV and McConnell would still ram the nomination home (and would still get the votes, the very ones he had in pocket the day before the Ford story broke).
  • Tell me again why Democrats didn't make SCOTUS the focus of 2016.
  • MomCat past Friday night waiting for me at top of steps.

  • Polanyi, redux.
  • I'll reread Against the Day every year and Great Transformation never again, but if you haven't...
  • and by never again I mean non-fiction, any non-fiction end-to-end, since grad school, you can't make me, I read the intro, yes, and sometimes even the same intro every year.
  • Four Elements of Autocrats Playbook
  • Here's a fifth: stealing victimhood.
  • On quitting
  • Squarespace versus WordPress, or, uh-oh. 
  • Oh, and that vpn that comes with a paid protonmail account, uh-oh.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links. 
  • Today blurt photo blurt song poem.
  • Report on Blegsylvania: look at those blogrolls, dying.
  • MomCat on rocket-train to cuddle-slut, at last trusts us, Earthgirl and me, thirteen years.
  • UPDATE! De-googled the email, now just de-googled the other blog, OTHER BLOG NOW HERE
  • To paraphrase some asshole on twitter, call me when this fuck gives up the google brand he's built for main blog.
  • Fine metaphors abound.

[I write better when]

Pjoepf of Vriecyh

I write better when
execution scheduled for
tomorrow morning

Marketers kabang
buy batteries dried beans DIE
NOW! not tomorrow


  1. MomCat! That's pretty neat, glad to hear it. Wow, thirteen years. I've been taking Teddy to the vet twice a week for shots for almost a month. It's for his arthritis, seems to be helping. But they have a cat that they're trying to find a home for. The cat was left at a local church and taken in by Top Cats, an organization that finds homes for homeless cats. I'm in the middle of moving, my nerves are shot because I can't do it quickly enough. Things are complicated by things that I keep finding wrong with my new place and I have to stop to address these problems, making me crazy. The question is, with all that's going on, should I adopt this nice little kitty. I want to but the timing is awkward. Maybe that's just an excuse. Any input would be welcome. Should I or shouldn't I? My brains says no, but my heart says yes.

    1. my advice is wait until you're at 'the end of moving' and assess how things are then

      "there is such a thing as destiny, but continue with your own plans - and if they are in accordance with destiny you may reap a rich reward"

  2. Thanks for the reply, Mistah Charley. I think it's good advice. I've really got my hands full, and Teddy already takes a lot of care. He's one tough tom cat, and very brave but still needs a lot of attention with his dry eye, bad hip joints, and arthritis. Despite that he's a force of nature. I let him meet the other kitty at the vet's today and unfortunately he was very aggressive. I've never seen him agressive before. Teddy weighs 14 pounds, mostly muscle, and is a big cat, the other is a little slip of a thing and only 18 months old. The age difference also worries me. I don't believe that any of this means they wouldn't get along if I approach it right. There are methods for introducing a new cat that can make the transition less fraught. This little girl was deserted just like Teddy was which really pisses me off. It also makes me want to adopt her, and she's a real sweetie. Still, I'm leaning in the direction of your good advice. But I haven't really decided yet and they've been trying to find a home for her for quite a while now, and that worries me as well. But I do think you're right.