Friday, October 26, 2018

Sacred Drops

  • Eleventh photo new camera, everything set to whatever came out of the box,
  • bigger, with baggage, at other place.
  • 34 years ago, promoted to Crown Books 817, I met an assistant manager and asked her out months later when she resigned to get her teaching degree and all I want to do is hike with her, and Crown Books 817 was in this building that had a bomb threat yesterday.
  • A week ago today the woman I met 34 years ago in the building that had a bomb threat yesterday and me flew to Michigan to see our daughter,
  • a week ago, eight centuries ago, the week ago.


Joseph Ceravolo

Mothers and fathers
sons and daughters
are sacred drops
An abandoned auto
glints in the light.
The path is abrupt.
The path is alright.


  1. I listened to the tune you posted

    There’s also a cover of the same tune on YouTube - and that recording was produced by the guy who is the exbandmate and target of the lyrics by the original songwriter

    And speaking of tunes - Roy Rogers and dale evans would sing “happy trails to you” at the end of their tv show which although a western had a contemporary setting -the sidekick drove a Jeep

    I wish many more happy trails to you and your beloved companion

  2. Halloween party, 1984. Philly. That's when/where I stumbled into the love of my life.